Mega da Virada 2023: prize increases to R$550 million, the largest in history

Mega da Virada 2023: prize increases to R0 million, the largest in history

The draw for contest 2670 will be held by Caixa Econômica Federal on December 31st, at 8pm. Mega da Virada Volante Aloisio Mauricio/Fotoarena/Estadão Mega da Virada Content flyer ticket lottery megasena mega sena Aloisio Mauricio/Fotoarena/Estadão Content Mega da Virada 2023 will have an estimated prize of R$550 million, Caixa Econômica Federal announced this Monday -Friday (13). This is the highest prize value in the history of the contest and may increase depending on demand. Bets on contest 2670 can be placed from today. A single ticket costs R$5 and prizes start at R$15. The draw will be held on December 31st, at 8pm. As always, the Mega da Virada main prize does not accumulate. If 6 numbers are not matched, the prize will be divided between those who match the next range, 5 matches — and so on. “Bets must be placed with a specific Mega da Virada steering wheel only on official Caixa Lottery channels”, says the bank’s statement. (find out more below) See past Mega da Virada numbers below. Previous editions The ones that filled the coffer the most so far were the winning games from 2022, in which five bets shared the prize of R$541.9 million. The expected prize pool was R$450 million. Since the first edition, in 2009, three draws have had the lowest splits, with prizes divided between two winners: 2021: two bets divided R$378.1 million 2020: two bets divided R$325.2 million 2009: two bets divided R$ $144.9 Million On the other hand, the biggest division of Mega da Virada took place in 2018, when 52 bets were victorious for a prize of R$302.5 million. Each winner received “only” R$5.8 million. The five draws with the highest distributions in the history of the contest were divided between 81 winning bets: 2018: 52 bets divided R$302.5 million 2017: 17 people divided R$306.7 million 2016: 6 people divided R$220.9 million 2015: 6 people shared R$246.5 million See below all editions of the award, the amounts paid and the distributions: How to bet? To play Mega da Virada, simply dial 6 to 20 numbers from the 60 available on the wheel or let the system choose the numbers, using Surpresinha. A simple bet costs R$5. Furthermore, those who bet can also choose to participate in the contest through prize pools, filling in the appropriate field on the flyer, or purchase shares in prize pools organized by the lottery units – in the latter case, an additional service fee up to 35% of the quota value may be charged. Bets must be placed with a specific Mega da Virada ticket at any lottery in the country, via the Loterias Caixa app or the Loterias Caixa portal. Caixa customers can also place their bets via internet banking. Initial plugin text VIDEOS: most watched on g1

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