Legal security generates new investments and jobs in the Manaus Industrial Pole

Legal security generates new investments and jobs in the Manaus Industrial Pole

Federal Bench of Amazonas

Parliamentarian visits facilities at a factory complex that is being expanded to generate 6,000 direct jobs

Manaus (AM) – Leader of the Federal Bench of Amazonas in Congress, Senator Omar Aziz closely followed the practical application of tax benefits from the Free Zone, when visiting an industrial complex responsible for generating more than 6 thousand direct jobs in the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM). Omar attributes this and other investments in installation and expansion projects for the hub’s industries as a reflection of the legal security brought by the approval of the Tax Reform.

The facilities visited by Omar recently received investments from the Garcia group, with the industrial complex now comprising the companies GBR Componentes, Gertec, Tellescom, Hikvision and Digitron, all active in the PIM electronics sector chain. According to Omar Aziz, the Garcia group is historically responsible for generating many jobs in Amazonas.

“Today the superintendent of Suframa, Bosco Saraiva, and deputy Sidney Leite are here, who was very important in the Chamber of Deputies for us to maintain our comparative advantages in the Tax Reform. Many people don’t know what this fight was like and I have a lot to thank President Lula, who knocked on the table and said that no one would move in the Free Zone”,

Omar highlighted.

Photo: Pablo Brandão

The Amazonas senator also shared that he has been talking a lot with Bosco Saraiva about how the Amazonas industry is going through a new positive cycle.

“Many industries are coming here because today we have a constitutional guarantee and a guarantee that we have not had for a long time, which is the legal security to set up in the Manaus Industrial Pole. When I see examples of new investments for Amazonas like this one from GBR, it makes us all try to help keep this hub more competitive”,

added the senator.

For businessman Francisco Garcia, the fiscal war still requires Amazonas to have representatives prepared to defend the State against measures that take away the PIM’s competitiveness.

“We need to have a politician who fights for us, who can reach the president of the republic and his ministers and say that we need to have respect, that the industrial sector has to be respected. That’s why I made a point of inviting Senator Omar, who leads the senators and deputies of Amazonas in Brasília, acting with great competence especially on the issue of Tax Reform”,

reinforced Garcia.

Photo: Pablo Brandão

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