Left-wing acts against Bolsonaro fail in several cities

Left-wing acts against Bolsonaro fail in several cities


Without the presence of President Lula (PT) and with little audience, left-wing parties and organizations carried out several “pro-democracy” acts this Saturday (23).

The acts were organized by the Brasil Popular and Povo Sem Medo fronts, with the support of entities such as the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT) and the Movimento Sem-Terra (MST), in addition to parties such as PT, PCdoB and PSOL.

This Saturday’s actions were designed as a response to the mega pro-Bolsonaro demonstration on February 25th, which filled Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo.

With a diffuse agenda, left-wing activists protested against Israel, against the amnesty for those arrested on January 8th and remembered the 60th anniversary of the military coup.

When speaking at the event in Salvador (BA), the president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, said that the objective was not to match the demonstration held by Bolsonaro last month, but rather to reinforce the fight against coup attempts.

“[O objetivo] is to perform acts all over Brazil, regardless of [sic] of size. To bring together people and those who fought against the dictatorship and leave it in the memory that we cannot go back to that time. And also to say that we do not agree with the January 8th coup attempt”, stated Gleisi.

When talking about Lula’s absence from the events, Gleisi said that “it is not the role of the government or the president to carry out social mobilizations”.

Around 22 cities, including two abroad, had confirmed they would hold demonstrations. The events scheduled for this Saturday morning, in capitals such as Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Curitiba, Campo Grande and Recife, registered the participation of small groups.

In records published by CUT profiles It’s from PT on social media It is possible to see the lack of adherence of activists to the acts.

The largest audiences were expected in São Paulo and Salvador, however, the two acts also had little attendance.

Briefly participating in the São Paulo event, José Dirceu (PT) said that the comparison with Bolsonaro’s event was inappropriate, since the pro-Bolsonaro demonstration was concentrated in one location and the left had planned demonstrations spread across several places. .

Under the rain in Largo de São Francisco, in the center of São Paulo, state deputy Simão Pedro (PT) joked: “I think São Pedro is over there”.

In Lisbon, Portugal, the demonstration was attended by just over 20 people in Praça Luís de Camões, in the city center.


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