Koh Pee Pee is one of the participants in the Bom Gourmet Festival in POA

Koh Pee Pee is one of the participants in the Bom Gourmet Festival in POA

Koh Pee Pee offers a unique dining experience inspired by the culture and cuisine of Thailand. The house was founded in 1982, with the aim of bringing the exotic flavors and fragrant aromas of Thai cuisine to Brazil. It is designed in the Thai style, with decorative and cultural elements, such as crockery, cutlery, pictures and uniforms. One of its peculiarities is its kitchens visible to customers, who can watch the preparation of the dishes.

The restaurant, which is one of the participants in the 2nd Festival Bom Gourmet Porto Alegre, aims to spread Thai cuisine and invite customers who have not yet tried it to enjoy a Thai experience through an exclusive menu. “We are very happy to be part of this festival, which values ​​the diversity and quality of gastronomy. We want to show the people of Porto Alegre the richness and flavor of Thai cuisine, which is one of the most appreciated in the world”, says Audrey Hoefel, marketing manager at Koh Pee Pee.

The main characteristic of Thai cuisine is the harmonious fusion of seasonings, pepper, aromatic herbs and fresh ingredients, which highlight either the mild sweet flavor or the spicy flavor. To ensure culinary authenticity, the restaurant imports various seasonings and ingredients from Thailand. The house also has a wine and sparkling wine list with more than 150 labels from 14 countries.

Koh Pee Pee is recognized for the quality and authenticity of its cuisine and has received several awards and certificates of excellence, both national and international. Among them, “The Pride Of Thailand” from the National Food Institute, the main entity in the gastronomic sector in Thailand, stands out. This certification recognizes Koh Pee Pee as a faithful representative of authentic Thai cuisine. In addition, it also has the Thai Select seal, granted by the Thai government.

Check out Koh Pee Pee’s menu at the Bom Gourmet Porto Alegre Festival!


O Bom Gourmet Festival it’s in 2nd edition of the year in Porto Alegre and takes place until the day December 3guaranteeing unique experiences in 15 restaurants of the city. O biggest gastronomic event in the south of the country has exclusive and complete menus – with starter, main course and dessert – fixed prices in R$89.90, R$109.90 and R$129.90.

In Paraná, the Bom Gourmet Festival It has been held for eight years, with two editions per year in the capital of Paraná. The event has also arrived in Santa Catarina, with two editions in Balneário Camboriú and one in Florianópolis. It is a project that is popular with the public and sales, with around 100 thousand menus served annually, carried out by Pininnovation arm of People’s Gazette.

A 2nd edition has the institutional support of City Hallthrough the Events Directorate, the Abrasel Rio Grande do Sul (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), from Sindha (Hosting and Food Union of POA and Region), from Porto Alegre and Metropolitan Region Convention & Visitors Bureau and from FoodCo.Brazil.

Koh Pee Pee

Address: Rua Schiller, 83 – Rio Branco
Opening hours – Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 11:30pm and
Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 11:55pm.
Telephone: (51) 3333-5150
Instagram: @kohpeepeethairestaurant

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