know the precautions when choosing a good professional

know the precautions when choosing a good professional


According to the plastic surgeon, Raquel Magalhães, who works at the Dermatological Clinic Dr. Ilner Souza, in Manaus, some criteria need to be observed

Care in choosing professionals to carry out aesthetic procedures is among the main warnings from specialists. In 2021 alone, according to data from the international society of plastic surgery, Brazil ranked second in the world when it comes to aesthetics, with 12.7%.

There were more than one million and six hundred thousand surgical interventions, with liposuction as the “flagship”, exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand. The country is second only to the United States, which performed 15.5% of procedures.

According to the plastic surgeon, Raquel Magalhães, who works at the Dr. Ilner Souza Dermatological Clinic, in Manaus, some criteria need to be observed.

“We cannot, for example, define fixed prices for procedures. Someone’s health is no joke and, first, the patient needs to undergo a proper assessment to know what is necessary in their case. Class bodies even prohibit this. Everything has to be done carefully,” he explains.

Another tip from surgeon Raquel Magalhães is for patients not to rely on procedures exposed on social media.

“There’s no way that can happen. One person is not the same as another and many people do not expose reality or provide adequate information based only on networks. We have to take very special care with this”, she comments.


Regarding the most popular surgeries, liposuction, including in men, is the so-called “flagship”, when it comes to vanity. “Men also look a lot. They are taking care of themselves more. Breast surgeries are on this list, too. It’s great for men to take care of themselves”, he highlights.

This is one of the services carried out at Dr. Ilner Souza’s Dermatology Clinic, where the surgeon works. “We use cutting-edge technology, we evaluate thoroughly, guiding the patient appropriately and we take every precaution when carrying out the procedures. We know the credibility of the name Ilner Souza and the responsibility we have for the lives of everyone who comes to us”, he says.


Taking advantage of the interview with the surgeon, the Em Tempo team couldn’t help but talk to the ‘owner of the house’ himself, dermatologist Ilner Souza, whose name is a reference when it comes to this area.

“Here we are prepared to serve everyone who comes to us responsibly, even more so with the arrival of Dr. Raquel Magalhães to the team, who is a qualified professional. We also endorse her words about the search for suitable professionals and whether they still belong to the professional ranks of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery or Dermatology. Research is always the best,” she concludes.


To find out more about aesthetic and dermatological procedures, Em Tempo also leaves a special tip regarding the service at the Ilner Souza Dermatology Clinic, located at Avenida Umberto Calderaro Filho, 455, Edifício Cristal Tower, room 101.

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