Daniela Barbalho resumes her position as counselor of the Court of Account of the State of Pará two days after being dismissed.| Photo: reproduction/Twitter

The wife of the governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho (MDB), had her appointment to the position of counselor of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-PA) reestablished by the Justice two days after being removed from her position.

A decision handed down this Wednesday (24th) by Judge Mairton Marques Carneiro suspended the injunction that determined the removal of Daniela Barbalho from office, which had been decided on Monday (22nd) by judge Raimundo Rodrigues Santana due to a class action alleging nepotism.

Carneiro suspended the injunction alleging the “risk of serious damage to the State” due to the progress of the processes that are already under the responsibility of the counselor. “In addition, it has already participated in several trials before the TCE-PA, comprising the quorum for the judgment of 531 cases that may be annulled, if the contested decision is upheld”, he added.

Daniela was appointed to the position of advisor to the TCE-PA on March 15 after having her candidacy nominated by 11 party leaders in the state and approved by the Legislative Assembly.

The Public Ministry of Pará alleged that Barbalho committed “a kind of cross nepotism” in the appointment of his wife to the court, “through the commissive conduct of the President of the Legislative Assembly”, as if “he was an agent of the Governor’s will”.