Japiim residents are honored at the ‘Banda dos Linguarudos’ in Manaus

Japiim residents are honored at the ‘Banda dos Linguarudos’ in Manaus


Revelry takes place this Saturday (10), in the Japiim neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus

Manaus (AM) – Created 22 years ago with the aim of making fun of friends in the neighborhood, the traditional Banda dos Linguarudos, from the Japiim neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus, took on great proportions and is today considered one of the most traditional of the Manaus carnival. The festivities take place this Saturday (10).

Banda president Marlon Araújo says that a group of residents got together in the hope of having a party on the street and with the so-called “quota”, in the first year, the meeting was a success and became the band that today brings together crowds of revelers.

This week the president of Banda dos Linguarudos announced the attractions that will liven up the party. The Quinteto Folia, playing only Carnival marches and the Banda Som 40 Graus. He states that the band maintains the tradition of marchinhas and sambas and believes that this is what attracts the crowd to the party.

He highlights that the band is a way for neighborhood residents to enjoy Carnival, but close to home and safely. He also states that despite many people coming from neighboring neighborhoods, the presence of Japiim residents predominates.

“It’s a family band, from the neighborhood and that’s why in 22 years, we’ve never had any problems, but we still reinforce security, to provide revelers with a safe and cozy party”,


Banda dos Linguarudos shirts can be purchased at the band’s location or from president Marlon Araújo. The gathering takes place on Rua Fábio Lucena (formerly Penetration 2), Japiim 2, from 6pm this Saturday (10). Marlon informs that the event will last until 11:45 pm.

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“Another detail is the time, the band starts in the late afternoon and does not go beyond midnight, this is due not only to the need to release, but also the care for the safety of revelers. Everything is organized with great care and determination, whoever comes to the party feels at ease, knowing that here they can have fun to their heart’s content”,

says the president of Banda Linguarudos.

Honorees of the year

As always happens, every year the band brings tributes to residents or former residents of the Japiim neighborhood, as a form of fun and thanks and this year will be no different. The idea is to remember facts about residents honored during their youth or their professional careers in helping the neighborhood.

This year there will be three honorees from Banda dos Linguarudos, Beto, Maurílio, with emphasis on journalist Ari Motta. Araújo explains that Motta has always been a Linguarudo, a former resident of the neighborhood, he’s always here, he doesn’t forget his roots, whether it’s weekend football or the fraternity at Vicente Bessa’s bar, which brings together childhood friends and new friends who arrived in the neighborhood.

In addition to good music and a good beer, there is always a good game of dominoes and, of course, to catch up. Marlon highlights that the person being honored even created the “Golden Scissors” award, which in a comical way highlighted those residents in the game, he was the laziest, flirtatious, scoundrel, in short, everyone got in on the act. This always happened at the end of the year and was highly anticipated by colleagues in the neighborhood.

However, Linguarudo also has a history in journalism and has always been at the forefront of community issues in the neighborhood and this led the band to pay tribute to Ari Motta this year. The journalist saw the tribute as a surprise and was very happy. Ari Mota highlighted that he arrived in Japiim when he was 12 years old and moved out of the neighborhood just to get married, but he never stopped meeting up with his friends.

“I was even moved, it’s not every day that a traditional band, this increases my responsibility even more, with my friends and with this community, I am truly grateful for this memory and it will remain in my memory forever”,


The late members and revelers Erivan (Carcavel), Seo André Coelho and Sebastião Araújo (Sabará) will also be honored in memory. The party brings together practically all the residents of the 31 de Março 1 and 2 complexes, but many also come from outside to enjoy the festivities in the Japiim neighborhood.

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