‘Scream!’ carnival takes place this Saturday (10) with rock attractions

‘Scream!’  carnival takes place this Saturday (10) with rock attractions


The event will take place at Quiosque Beer, located in the Dom Pedro neighborhood, with the bands Rivotrio and Zona Tribal

Manaus (AM) – The first “Berro!” Carnival celebration for the third edition of the band “PQP Banda do Quiosque Beer” will be held this Saturday (10), starting at 9pm, on Av. Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva, Dom Pedro neighborhood, Central-West Zone of Manaus. The ticket price is R$10.

The venue will have two stages where the night’s attractions will be performed: “Rivotrio” and “Zona Tribal” with a special appearance by singer Amendoim. At the set list The bands include classics from Brazilian, foreign and local rock.

For Alysson Lima, owner of the establishment, the event is an option for those who enjoy carnival in an alternative way.

“The kiosk has the most awarded snack in the ‘Comida di Buteco’ competition. To top it off we will have two bands that are well known to the local public and are experts in putting together an engaging repertoire for rock’n’roll lovers”,


Adapted stages

Divided into two environments, the Beer Kiosk has a ground floor and an upper part with views of Dom Pedro and the bridge over the Rio Negro. The “Choveu Desceu” stage will be set up at the top and the “Choveu Apertou” stage will be set up on the ground floor.

“Every big event has two stages and with the Quiosque band it couldn’t be any different. So we created this proposal because we have to take into account the climate of the rainy season,” she noted. “But it’s normal because similar events like Rock In Rio have two stages”,

he spoke with good humor.

For the bassist of the band Zona Tribal, Denny Nogueira, the rock-fueled carnival band at Quiosque Beer is an event that has been consolidating itself on the local scene.

“This is the third time that the Kiosque offers revelers an event during the carnival season that has this difference and this is good because it becomes an alternative for those who want to enjoy the date listening to their favorite style of sound”,


The musician also talked about the band’s preparations: “We put together a set list with the best of the author and the classic covers that Zona Tribal plays in their shows. It’s guaranteed success.”

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