It’s open, says Haddad about the end of oil; Marina says which country will debate – 11/17/2023 – Ambience

It’s open, says Haddad about the end of oil;  Marina says which country will debate – 11/17/2023 – Ambience

Presented to dozens of social and environmental movements this Friday (17) in São Paulo, the Ecological Transformation Plan, coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, is still being drafted and, for now, focuses on industry and the energy sector.

Despite providing incentives for renewable energy – in addition to solar and wind, the plan focuses on green hydrogen and diesel – the plan avoids foreseeing an exit from fossil fuels – such as oil, coal and gas – which are the main cause of the climate crisis .

“It’s open”, replied Minister Fernando Haddad (Finance), when asked during a press conference, at the end of the event, about the possibility of the Ecological Transformation Plan foreseeing a ceiling on the use of fossil fuels in the country.

During the press conference, the ministers received from representatives of the Climate Observatory a letter signed by 61 organizations asking Brazil to lead the construction of a global agreement to end fossil fuels. “Brazil can set an example”, commented Haddad upon receiving the document.

“We have to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and we will reduce it by generating clean energy. This government is committed to the core with ecological transformation through the generation of clean energy”, added Haddad.

“Whether or not to explore oil, when that limit is, the Energy Policy Council takes that decision”, stated Minister Marina Silva (Environment).

“The debate that will be held at the COP [do Clima da ONU] for all countries that produce oil, it is until when this exploration will happen and when this ceiling will be reached and when the decline begins. We will not be able to escape this debate. Brazil will not shy away from this debate and can help with it, for example, by selling green hydrogen”, said Marina.

Haddad, on the other hand, sees an economic opportunity in exporting oil to countries that are still stuck in this energy model.

“The world, unfortunately, will still need [de petróleo]. The best thing we could do would be to sell our production to them”, defended the Minister of Finance.

Agribusiness is another sector absent from the commitments set out in the plan. For Haddad, agriculture still has a chance to see an opportunity in projects that make up the ecological transition, such as the carbon market. “In the camera [dos Deputados]there is still an opportunity for review”, he stated, referring to the absence of the agribusiness sector in the carbon market bill currently being processed in Congress.

“For what is right to be established, it is essential that what is wrong is removed, otherwise there will be unfair competition”, stated Marina Silva. “It’s easy to say what we’re going to start; difficult to say what we’re going to discontinue,” she added.

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