In a speech at the UN, Nikolas speaks against abortion and calls Lula a “thief”

In a speech at the UN, Nikolas speaks against abortion and calls Lula a “thief”

Federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG) in a speech at the UN, this Friday (17).| Photo: UN WEB TV/ Twitter @nikolasferreira

Federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG) spoke this Friday (17) at a meeting of young leaders at the United Nations, in New York. In his almost 8-minute speech, the parliamentarian criticized some policies such as gender ideology, reinforced his position against abortion and called President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) a “thief”.

“The world would be a better place if there weren’t so many people promising to improve it. This is a quote from the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho and it fits perfectly with Greta (Thunberg) and Leonardo Di Caprio, for example, who supported our socialist president called Lula, a thief who should be in prison. And now we have the Amazon with the worst fire in 15 years and they are just silent and gone,” said Nikolas.

He began his speech by saying that he would warn about “what is happening in Brazil”, and highlighted the return of the left in the presidency, which was always present “in the media and in universities”.

When talking about the issue of abortion, Nikolas presented a replica of a 12-week-old baby and mentioned that it is the “largest silent genocide” in the world. “This is a 12-week-old baby, his heart is already beating and he has fingerprints. There is no one in the world like this baby. When they find a bacteria on Mars, they call it life. But this child is just a cell clamp for them,” he said.

The deputy from Minas Gerais also reinforced that the right to life is “the first and most fundamental of rights”. “Without him, nothing else is possible,” he added.

Nikolas also pointed out the need for conservatives to expand participation in education and the judiciary. “Education that teaches and does not indoctrinate. New judges who will honor the teaching profession and deliver justice. And not like the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court who betrayed the Brazilian people and persecuted political opponents”, he declared.

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