Is mango with milk bad? See if your grandmother is correct

Is mango with milk bad?  See if your grandmother is correct


Podcast ‘Where does what I eat come from’ lists the health benefits of fruit and tells how production in the São Francisco River Valley became so relevant. In Brazil, mango production is significant, especially in the São Francisco Valley, where the semi-arid climate provides ideal conditions for growing the fruit, which is one of the most exported by the country. This week, the podcast “Where does what I eat come from” talked about cultivation in the northeastern region and also uncovered the myth that combining mango with milk is bad: not only is it safe, it can also be beneficial due to the its nutrients, which include vitamins, minerals and fiber. The podcast also explained the differences between types of mango. And one producer said that the supermarkets’ strategy is to use the strong and sweet aroma of the more expensive pink mango as a lure so that customers end up buying at least the more affordable varieties of the fruit. 🎧LISTEN to the episode (above) and, below, learn about other benefits of mango. In the 78th episode of ‘Where does what I eat come from’ we explain the production of mangoes. Fikri Rasyid/Unsplash 🥭Mango is rich in minerals and antioxidants, such as vitamins C and D. Antioxidants protect against free radicals, which cause diseases that attack our body. And nutritionist Tarcila Campos, from Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, explains that the bad reputation of mixing mango with milk doesn’t make sense. “There’s no problem mixing mango with milk. That’s the reasoning for any type of vitamin. Most of the fruits we mix with milk come from this nutritional property, of having vitamins, minerals and fructose. And mango is nothing more than one of them”, he explained. g1 visited the São Francisco Valley and showed mango cultivation up close; watch below. Where does the mango come from Read also: Recipes with mango: check out 14 sweet and savory options with the ‘Cabruca’ fruit mentioned in the soap opera Renascer began more than 300 years ago Listen to other episodes of the podcast: Watch the “Where does it come from” video series what I eat”: Where does what I eat come from: orange Where does what I eat come from: lemon Where does what I eat come from: banana


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