Instability among the military has the mark of the reserve – 09/16/2023 – Bruno Boghossian

Instability among the military has the mark of the reserve – 09/16/2023 – Bruno Boghossian

The main factor of instability represented by the military in recent years was within the barracks and at summit meetings. If there was any doubt about the threat of joining a coup adventure, this risk came from active commandos and troops, who had weapons in their hands.

People interested in clarifying the issue know that the ties to this problem are more comprehensive. The barracks’ political connections, the doctrine that fueled delusions of rupture and direct involvement in episodes of coup agitation have a deep imprint from influential circles in the reserve.

The matter is on the Defense Minister’s radar. In the first months of the government, José Múcio toured barracks in an attempt to pacify relations and reduce contamination of active duty personnel. Now, he plans to include meetings with retired colonels and generals at military clubs in the states in his travels.

Reserve fraternities tend to be vehicles for demonstrations that active military personnel, due to the rules, cannot carry out. They are capable of declaring support for candidates at election times, effusively and routinely defending a dictatorship and making noise about a continued communist threat.

Reserve generals and colonels gave technical, ideological and symbolic support to Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. Afterwards, they held prominent positions in Brasília and often fed the authoritarian desires present at the core of the government.

Characters such as Augusto Heleno and Braga Netto offered their patents for institutional intimidation. Other reserve soldiers participated in the coup plot that formed after the election and became involved in the unrest in the camps in front of the barracks.

Cross-contamination is inevitable. Reserve soldiers tend to maintain ties with active personnel, and the most senior ones even exert influence over current commanders. No government can change this situation with a chat during afternoon tea.

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