Independent debuts with victory in Amapazão 2024 – News of Brazil

Independent debuts with victory in Amapazão 2024 – News of Brazil

Lana Caroline
Sports Editor

This Sunday (04) the Amapaense Football Championship, Amapazão 2024, kicked off. The first game of the competition was between Independente and São Paulo-AP, with the victory of Carcará da Vila Maia by 4×1, at the Stadium Zerão.

Carcará’s goals were Fabinho, Higo Calçoene, Marcus Bastos and Gustavo. The goal of honor for Tricolor in the North Zone was scored by Nilson. With the result, Independente is at the top of Amapazão 2024 with three points and a four-goal difference. São Paulo-AP is at the bottom of the competition, without any points.

The game marked the opening of Amapazão 2024, which has eight teams competing for the state title. The champion will have a place in the Copa do Brasil, Copa Verde and Série D of the 2025 Brasileirão. The runner-up will also guarantee a place in the 2025 Copa do Brasil.

Independente’s next game will be against Ypiranga, on February 25th. São Paulo-AP will face Ypiranga, on February 18th. Both games will be at the Zerão Stadium.

About the game

In the first half, Independente opened the scoring in the 14th minute, with Fabinho taking a free kick. In the 21st minute, Carcará increased the lead with Higo Calçoene, who took advantage of a cross from the right and headed it into the back of the net. Still in the first half, São Paulo reacted and reduced the score with Nilson, who converted a penalty conceded by himself, in the 40th minute.

In the second half of the game, Independente scored their third goal with Marcus Bastos after a great cross from Fabinho. In the 37th minute, Gustavo scored the fourth goal, with a header, and completed the rout. Tricolor tried to seek a draw, but ran into Independente’s marking.

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