In a press conference, Dino’s secretary speaks alone about meeting with ‘Amazonian drug lady’

In a press conference, Dino’s secretary speaks alone about meeting with ‘Amazonian drug lady’


Minister of Justice canceled press conference this Monday (13); Elias Vaz responded to reporters

The Secretary of Legislative Affairs, Elias Vaz, provided clarifications about the meetings that took place at the Palace of Justice headquarters with the ‘Amazonian drug lady’, in Brasília, after the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, canceled a press conference , this Monday (13).

The complaint was released, also on Monday (13), by the Estadãowhen she revealed that Luciane Farias, wife of the leader of Comando Vermelho (CV) in Amazonas, Clemilson Farias, known as ‘Tio Patinhas’, participated in two meetings at the Palace of Justice, representing the association Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas (ILA), which fight to improve the prison system.

“He (Dino) was not satisfied. He, always kind as he is, caught my attention and said that I should be more careful with the people I receive. I say this publicly. From now on, I have to be more cautious”, explained Elias Vaz.

The secretary admitted the error during the press conference, having participated in a meeting with someone he was unfamiliar with. He explained that the meeting was initially scheduled by former state deputy Janira Rocha (Psol) to receive mothers who had their children murdered and asked for justice.

Minister Flávio Dino drew the attention of Secretary Elias Vaz, in a telephone call, this morning. He also met the national secretary of Penal Policies, Rafael Velasco.

Still in the morning, the minister participated in the launch event of the National Penal Force, but he and Velasco did not speak to the press, as planned before the scandal. Instead, only Elias Vaz answered reporters’ questions.

The minister spoke out on social media this Monday (13), saying that the meeting took place without his knowledge or presence.

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