Project approved in the Chamber of Deputies aims to reduce the number of animals abandoned on the streets| Photo: reproduction

The Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Thursday (16) Bill 50/19, by deputy Fred Costa (Patriota-MG), which obliges pet shops, veterinary clinics and similar establishments to fix posters in their facilities that facilitate and encourage the adoption of domestic animals. The text will be sent to the Senate for analysis.

The controversy surrounding the project was about the cost for pet shops and veterinary companies. However, the proposal’s rapporteur Célio Studart (PSD-CE), said that the intention is not to bring costs and the posters can even be made by hand.

The purpose of the proposal, according to the author of the project, is to reduce the number of animals abandoned on the streets, subject to human violence, the incidence of zoonoses and traffic accidents. “We must always remember that, before being ‘things’ of human property, animals are living beings”, he justified.

According to the approved text, the poster must contain the name of the institution responsible for the offer (NGO or animal advocate), telephone number and e-mail for contact and information on the importance of responsible adoption of animals and its benefits. The animals must be delivered for adoption vaccinated and dewormed, with the costs being borne by the adopters or the institutions responsible for the adoption. With information from the Chamber Agency.