Heat makes ice cream shops in SP fill freezers – 11/15/2023 – Food

Heat makes ice cream shops in SP fill freezers – 11/15/2023 – Food

The ice cream shops in São Paulo are packed thanks to the heat wave that hits the capital of São Paulo this week. Thermometers in the range of 37ºC force establishments to adapt to demand. High temperatures also influence the production and stock of frozen desserts.

At Babaê Gelato, opened this year in Pinheiros, manufacturing is at maximum capacity. Every day, pasta is produced in quantity to fill the house’s two freezers, which store 48 tubs of ice cream.

“Now we are sure that we will sell everything, there is no worry about leaving a low stock if it doesn’t sell”, says Gabriela Guirro, the owner. Sales have tripled in recent days, she says. Over the weekend, which reached a record temperature for the year, Babaê sold 1,500 ice creams.

There are around 30 flavors available. A cone with one ball costs R$18 and with two, R$20.

Guirro also had to reduce the temperature of the window where the ice cream vats are located, due to the large number of customers. As the window is opened more times a day, the temperature becomes unregulated. The thermometer, around -12ºC to -13ºC, was adjusted to -18ºC, to maintain the consistency of the dessert.

“You have to be flexible enough to work with ice cream. You have to be careful not to make it soft. It needs to be supported to serve the ball”, says Dalmira Soares, who has been producing artisanal pasta since the 1970s at the Damp ice cream shop.

The traditional address in the Ipiranga neighborhood has been restocking more tanks in the last week. “The store is very full,” says Soares. Desserts are produced every day in a factory close to the store. The brand also sells to other establishments in the capital and on the coast of São Paulo.

The restaurant offers up to 80 flavors per day – sold by weight, at a price of R$135 per kilo. Unusual options are the highlight, such as rose water and violet, but it is those made with water, such as lemon and strawberry, that are most popular on hot days like these.

The same happens at Babaê, in Pinheiros. “The more sour and refreshing the ice cream, the more it sells,” says the owner.

Babaê Gelato
R. Ferreira de Araújo, 281, Pinheiros, western region, @babaegelato

Damp Ice Cream
R. Lino Coutinho, 983, Ipiranga, southern region, WhatsApp (11) 97075-4434, @dampsorbes

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