Minister of Finance says that it is natural to have disagreements and that parliamentarians publicly express their opinions.| Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Minister Fernando Haddad, of Finance, celebrated the approval of the project for the new fiscal rule in the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday night (23) by 372 favorable votes, 108 against and 1 abstention, and minimized the dissent of parliamentarians from the allied base who did not went with the government.

The divergence of votes in the government base parties has been a stumbling block even with the distribution of amendments and positions in the first, second and third levels of public administration.

“It is natural, every big party will have one or another [divergência]. Now, I recognize that it is important for people to manifest themselves publicly, for them to convey their public opinion. […] I always made it clear that the design of the fiscal rule was praised by everyone, and the parameters are naturally up for debate. This goes for any drawing, any rule”, he said upon arriving at the ministry this Wednesday morning (24).

The project for the new fiscal rule was voted against, among the allied parties, by three deputies from the MDB, two from the PSD, seven from União Brasil, 12 from PSOL, one from PV and one from Rede.

Also according to the minister, after the approval of the new fiscal rule, the ministry will discuss credit reform, the insurance market and, as of August, the ecological transition.