Guto Ferreira fires at Paranaense’s refereeing

Guto Ferreira fires at Paranaense’s refereeing

The coach Guto Ferreira made a strong complaint about the arbitration of the Paraná Championship after the victory of Coritiba per 3 to 1 against Galo Maringá, at Willie Davids, this Saturday (10). According to the coach, the level is not suitable for the competition.

“I would just like to talk about the game, but the refereeing situation is quite difficult, I think it is not keeping up with the level of the competition. We cannot understand the criteria for cards. Then you complain and you are the one in the wrong. [A arbitragem] has been attacking you, disrespecting you with politeness”, said the coach, irritated.

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In the second half, Guto received a yellow card from referee Murilo Ugolini Klein for complaining. According to him, the Galo Maringá athletes were not booked for important free kicks, which, for the coach, “killed” Coxa’s moves.

“I think that Coritiba’s management has already been to the Paraná Football Federation and things haven’t changed. We had a talk with the refereeing team before the championship started, to pass on the guidelines. I think that if they came back now, They would be ashamed of what they said. We don’t want to create prejudice with the refereeing, but we are feeling harmed game after game”, complained Guto.

Guto asked athletes for high rotation

In this Saturday’s victory, Coritiba had a good first half, with two goals and several chances created, but declined in the second half. With the drop in performance, Galo Maringá scored and had chances to expand.

Guto spoke to the athletes in the locker room to highlight the importance of maintaining the team’s performance.

“Our game came together quickly, we controlled Galo’s game profile well. In the second half we relaxed a lot. I already talked to the boys in the locker room. These are situations that as the competition narrows down, we cannot take away the foot. You need to keep the team playing at a high level”, he stated.

The coach spoke again about the difficulty of playing with a tight schedule. In the first half, defender Bruno Melo was injured and Maurício Antônio, who had been rested, had to be called on.

“Today was the day to rest Maurício. He came on in the 22nd minute of the first half, following Bruno’s injury. The planning fell through. What was created here, we will pay off in the next one. The competition is like that, but it’s good that the game after game we are overcoming barriers with a lot of dedication”, he stated.

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