Governor Clécio participates in an unprecedented session of the College of Attorneys of Justice of Amapá, in Brasília – News of Brazil

Governor Clécio participates in an unprecedented session of the College of Attorneys of Justice of Amapá, in Brasília – News of Brazil

For the first time in history, the State Public Ministry is holding the Session of the College of Attorneys of Justice of Amapá and the 1st Extraordinary Meeting of 2024 on an itinerant basis, in Brasília. In a demonstration of collaboration between the powers, the governor, Clécio Luís, attended the event, this Tuesday, 6.

During the meeting, prosecutor Ivana Cei, sworn in as advisor to the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP) on Monday, 5th, was honored.

“It was a brilliant idea to hold the event in Brasília, because it shows that the Public Ministry knows where it wants to go and which path to take to achieve this. The meeting, at this very important moment, of Dr. Ivana’s inauguration, strengthens and gives visibility to the institution”, points out Clécio Luís.

For Ivana Cei, the moment represents welcome and also opportunities for dialogue with the aim of strengthening the work carried out by different institutions.

“When you propose to hold this meeting, you demonstrate welcome, you say: the Public Ministry of Amapá is open! And so, you go beyond the institution, bringing in the figure of the governor, who represents the State as a whole. The Public Ministry is dialogue, communication between people, this is very important”, reinforced Ivana.

The session was chaired by the Attorney General of Amapá, Paulo Celso Ramos, who highlighted the importance of the partnership between the State Government and the MP.

“We thank the governor for the coexistence we have in Amapá. We seek to discuss and provide solutions together. Today, the Public Ministry is very close to the State Attorney General’s Office, because we seek, through building dialogue, to provide more immediate solutions”, highlighted Ramos.

The itinerant session of the College of Attorneys of Amapá represents the conquest of new spaces in national prominence by the MP-AP. Authorities such as the Attorney General of the Federal District and Territories, Georges Carlos Fredderico, and the CNMP advisor, Paulo Cezar dos Passos, were also present at the meeting. In addition to the president of the National Association of Members of the Public Ministry, Manoel Murrieta.

The State Attorney General, Thiago Albuquerque highlighted the significance of the event.

“It is a victory that is not just for Dr. Ivana Cei, but for the entire Public Ministry and the state of Amapá. So, I am very happy to participate in this special date”said Albuquerque.

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