Government and World Bank align actions to strengthen Tourism in Parintins

Government and World Bank align actions to strengthen Tourism in Parintins


The objective is to identify potential outside the seasonal period of festivities and encourage the development of the sector

The State Government, through the Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE), linked to the Secretariat for Urban and Metropolitan Development (Sedurb), carries out, together with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a mission of the Integrated Sanitation Program (Prosai ) with a focus on strengthening tourism in Parintins (369km from Manaus).

The action, which began on Thursday (06/08) and runs until Sunday (06/11), includes meetings with representatives of the Municipal Tourism Secretariat, Amazonastur and the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy (SEC), in addition to field visits to the main sights of the city and communities with a tourist vocation.

According to the sub-coordinator of Planning at UGPE, Leonardo Barboza, who leads the mission, the objective is to identify tourist potential and understand how the sector works outside the seasonal period of festivities, such as the Parintins Festival.

“Prosai will work on tourism aspects to help encourage activities in the municipality that may be related to the actions that the program will develop. The idea is to act, mainly, in institutional strengthening and this conversation with the local City Hall and with the state bodies that are in the city is fundamental”

observes Leonardo.

The Legal and Institutional Relations sub-coordinator, Francisco Soares Filho, the Communication coordinator, Roseane Mota and the Institutional advisor, Eliandro Celsus, also participate on behalf of the UGPE. For the mission, the IDB assigned consultant and specialist in Tourism Luciana Sagi. The goal is to obtain a diagnosis that can support projects to help the municipality further develop this tourist potential.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Karla Viana, it is the second largest source of economy in the municipality and actions that can increasingly benefit the sector are welcome. “It’s a strong activity, but it’s seasonal, focused mainly on the Parintins Festival, the Patron Saint festival, Carnailha and the cruise season. But there is a lot of potential for strong tourism all year round”.

The UGPE’s idea is, in addition to the City Hall, to work together with state agencies, such as Amazonastur and the Creative Economy Secretariat, which already have a strong work in Parintins, due to the Folk Festival. In the case of Amazonastur, the cruise season, which takes thousands of tourists to the island every year, will have an added attraction from the Prosai works, which will reclassify the French coast and build a new market in the area.

Road map

This Friday, sectoral meetings were held with public bodies and councilors, field visits in the city of Parintins, with a trip to the corrals of Bois Garantido and Caprichoso, the Cathedral, the Lyceum of Arts and Crafts, Bumbódromo and Municipal Market. On Saturday, the visit continues to the communities of Serra da Valéria, Vila Amazônia and the Uaicurapá region.

Prosai Parintins

Prosai Parintins has investments of US$ 87.5 million, of which US$ 70 million is financed by the IDB, and a state counterpart of US$ 17.5 million. One of the focuses of the program is to solve environmental problems, promote urban requalification, bring sanitation and housing solutions to the municipality.

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