General challenges PF about “political interference” in appointing delegate

General challenges PF about “political interference” in appointing delegate


Then Secretary of State for Public Security of Rio de Janeiro in 2018, General Richard Nunes contested an excerpt from the Federal Police (PF) report on the investigations that led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrators of the murder of former councilor Marielle Franco.

In the report – which names the former head of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, delegate Rivaldo Barbosa, among those responsible for the crime – the PF said that Rivaldo’s appointment to the position had “political interference”. The delegate was appointed to the position by Nunes.

“It’s surprising. Really, it’s a completely absurd thing from what we’re following. I consider myself as surprised as anyone else because during the entire period I was in charge of the secretariat, something like this would never have crossed my mind. If all this is confirmed, if this accusation was confirmed, it would leave us perplexed. In relation to what has come out about my name, about Rivaldo’s appointment, this is what I have already said, clearly: it is my responsibility, no one else’s”, said General Richard Nunes in an interview with the newspaper The state of Sao Paulo (Estadão)this Monday (25).

In the report, the PF mentions information about Rivaldo’s career until his arrival as head of the Civil Police in Rio.

“The path of the aforementioned career was eminently followed during the PMDB Government in Rio de Janeiro, started by Sérgio Cabral in 2007 until the departure of Luiz Fernando Pezão in 2019, to give way to Wilson Witzel, winner of the 2018 election. , during 2018, Public Security in the State of Rio de Janeiro was the subject of Federal Intervention decreed by the then President of the Republic, Michel Temer, who, at the time, appointed General Braga Netto as intervenor. In turn, Braga Netto appointed General Richard Nunes as Secretary of State for Public Security, and he appointed Delegate Rivaldo Barbosa as his Chief of Police […] The scenario of political interference in the choice of trust functions with state security forces is another of the harmful components in Rio de Janeiro”, says an excerpt from the report.

The PF also says that Nunes “funded” the appointment of the delegate even though Rivaldo was the target of a Criminal Investigative Procedure (PIC) regarding the alleged “commitment of the crimes of criminal organization, passive corruption and money laundering”.

Rivaldo took command of the Civil Police the day before the murder of Marielle and her driver, Anderson Gomes, who died on March 14, 2018.

Nunes told Estadão that the Rio Public Security Secretariat “contraindicated Rivaldo’s name”, but he maintained the nomination given the history of services provided by the delegate.

“Rivaldo was the head of the homicide division of the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police. A delegate who had, perhaps, the greatest visibility among Civil Police delegates and a very considerable service record. A respected name that was very well accepted by all of society. So, at the time, that’s what I had. He accepted the invitation and fulfilled his mission. He was so respected that he was respected by Marielle’s family, who he knew, and by Marcelo Freixo himself. What’s more, there’s a lot of speculation, a lot of things that don’t make sense. It’s trying to want to wear clothes from 2024 in 2018,” said the general.

Also mentioned in the PF report and contacted by the press on Sunday (24), General Braga Netto, who signed Rivaldo Barbosa’s promotion, said that the appointment of the delegate was the responsibility of General Richard Nunes.

Next month, Nunes should be appointed chief of the Army’s General Staff, which will make him number 2 in the Force’s chain of command. According to investigations by the Power360Nunes will take over from Fernando José Sant’ana Soares, who will go to the paid reserve.

In addition to Rivaldo, the Federal Police (PF) arrested, this Sunday (24), federal deputy Chiquinho Brazão (União Brasil-RJ), and his brother, Domingos Brazão, who is an advisor to the Rio de Janeiro Court of Auditors. All accused of being the perpetrators of the crime.


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