Gelateria, a reference in the sector in the Northeast, opens its first unit in Amazonas

Gelateria, a reference in the sector in the Northeast, opens its first unit in Amazonas


San Paolo Gelato & Café

Unit now arrives in Amazonas with news for Easter

Manaus (AM) — Manaus has just gained the first San Paolo Gelato & Café unit in the State, on the second floor of Shopping Ponta Negra. The brand, which was born in 2012 in Fortaleza and today has 57 stores in Brazil, is the biggest reference in the sector in the Northeast and has dozens of flavors ranging from the most traditional to unique flavors that show the Brazilian way of making Italian gelato, such as Ninho and Dairy Flour.

For Amazonas, the unit also has a cafeteria, where the customer can order Café Paolo, an espresso coffee along with a mini basket with gelato and the entire mix of confectionery and emporium. Including pistachio options, currently a trend in the world, such as Brownie, Cookie and Crostata.

“Arriving in Manaus marks our expansion to the North, which is very rich in culture and gastronomy. With this, we will be able to take our Brazilian way of making Italian gelato”,

said Renan Aguiar, CEO and founder of the brand.

To celebrate Easter, San Paolo presents three new gelato flavors, carefully developed for this special occasion. “Amarena Yogurt” combines creamy yogurt with semi-sweet chocolate shavings and the fruity touch of Amarena cherry, providing a refreshing and tasty experience.

Meanwhile, the “Pistachio Cheesecake” offers a perfect harmony of cream cheese, white chocolate, pieces of cheesecake dough and the unmistakable pistachio chocolate, guaranteeing an explosion of flavors in every spoonful. For chocolate devotees, “Ciocconut” promises to conquer palates with its irresistible creaminess of chocolate and hazelnut cream.

Furthermore, for those looking for gourmet Easter gifts, San Paolo’s line of artisanal chocolates offers a selection made with carefully selected cocoa from small Brazilian producers in Bahia and Espírito Santo, with four flavor options: caramel with fleur de sel , milk chocolate with pistachio pieces, white chocolate with pistachio pieces and milk chocolate.

“Our purpose is to bring happiness to our customers. We take care in developing all our products and this Easter selection not only celebrates the richness and diversity of national cocoa, but also contributes to the development of local communities, promoting fairer and more sustainable trade”,

highlights João Gouveia, Director of Marketing & Growth.

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