Front against ideological indoctrination in schools repudiates Conae 2024

Front against ideological indoctrination in schools repudiates Conae 2024

The Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of Education without Ideological Indoctrination (FPDEDI) published this Monday (5) a note of repudiation against the National Education Conference (Conae) 2024, held from January 28th to 31st, in Brasília.

Conae is where the guidelines for the next National Education Plan (PNE) are discussed, a document that will define the direction of Brazilian education for the entire decade 2024-2034. A People’s Gazette showed the hostility directed towards conservative delegates and that plurality was only in theory.

The event was organized by the National Education Forum (FNE), reestablished by the Ministry of Education (MEC) by decree in the first year of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s (PT) government. In addition to the base document for the discussions supporting leftist flags – such as gender ideology in schools and even union agendas such as the minimum wage for teachers -, the regulations themselves made dialogue with those who thought differently difficult.

In the note of repudiation against Conae, the president of the Front, deputy Gustavo Gayer (PL-GO) mentions that “the conference should have listened to parents, teachers and serious groups of teaching professionals, in addition to addressing real demands of Brazilian education – which has the worst rankings in teaching quality among several countries”. However, he stressed that “it was nothing more than a left-wing political event.”

“The content presented and the content of the Conference’s presentations presented a totally doctrinal bias and made clear the intention of implementing an ideological political project in all schools in the country, without distinction”, explains the deputy.

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Gayer also mentioned some issues that were exposed and debated at the event, such as “hatred of the traditional family, the Christian faith and the ancient values ​​that formed our Judeo-Christian society, industrial development and agribusiness.” He also reports on the Conae 2024 scenario and said that there was “support for the genocidal ideology that is communism in the form of books by Karl Marx and other authors (including models aimed at children), defense of the terrorist group Hamas, the revolutionary murderer Che Guevara, selling books in support of the crime of pedophilia, flags and t-shirts in support of current president Lula (PT), selling alcoholic beverages, among others”.

“The Conference ignored the tragic reality of the national education system, responsible for the functional illiteracy that already affects more than 20% of the Brazilian population, the last places in quality of education in which our country finds itself and, mainly, it did not mention the reality of students with special needs and their respective demands as being the true form of inclusion, but treated, as a priority, “inclusiveness” focused on LGBT issues, in addition to combating the freedom of home education, homeschooling”, says the deputy .

Finally, the deputy concludes the note by mentioning that the “Parliamentary Front vehemently repudiates this political-ideological event full of left-Marxist indoctrination that was the National Conference of the Federal Government”.

The parliamentarian even published a video on social media denouncing other evidence of the ideological bias of the event, recorded during the national stage of Conae. There was, among other things, a booklet titled “Why discuss gender at school?” and bottoms in support of Hamas, a terrorist group in Palestine. In another part of the video, a young man who claims to be a representative of the LGBTQIA+ movement states that “we are really forming activists. We need to keep activism alive in the classroom.”

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