Federal institute employees begin strike on Wednesday – 04/02/2024 – Education

Federal institute employees begin strike on Wednesday – 04/02/2024 – Education


Federal employees who work in the area of ​​education will begin, starting this Wednesday (3), a national strike for an indefinite period of time which, according to the National Union of Basic, Professional and Technological Education Servers (Sinasefe), will be joined by more than 230 teaching units in at least 18 federative units.

General coordinator of Sinasefe, David Lobão says that the strike will cover teachers and technical-administrative employees of federal institutes on more than 600 campuses; Colégio Pedro II; National Institute of Education for the Deaf; Benjamin Constant Institute; as well as federal colleges and schools linked to the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to a salary increase that varies from 22.71% to 34.32%, depending on the category, employees also ask for restructuring of careers in the technical-administrative and teaching areas; the revocation of “all regulations that harm federal education approved under the Temer and Bolsonaro governments”; as well as the recomposition of the budget and the immediate readjustment of student aid and scholarships.

Approved during rounds of assemblies held since March 18th in 29 union sections, the strike will be national and for an indefinite period, as informed on March 28th in a document filed with the ministries of Management and Innovation in Public Services, Defense and of Education, as well as the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif).

The Ministry of Management reported that, in 2023, it made possible, through negotiation with entities representing federal employees, a linear adjustment of 9% for all employees, in addition to the 43.6% increase in food allowance.

“This was the first agreement for adjustments reached between the government and civil servants in eight years”, highlighted the ministry, adding that, in the second half of 2023, a debate began on the adjustment for the year 2024.

Also according to the ministry, as part of this process, specific tables were opened to deal with some careers.

“The recomposition of the workforce in the Federal Public Administration, to recover the government’s capacity to act in the execution of public policies, is a priority agenda of the Ministry of Management, which has been acting within the possible and budgetary limits to meet the demands of bodies and entities of the Federal Executive”, informed the ministry.

In the specific case of the career of educational administrative technicians, two ministries (Management and Education) created a working group to deal with the restructuring of the plan for technical-administrative positions in education.

On March 27, the group’s final report was delivered to Minister Esther Dweck, from the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services, to serve as “input” for the career restructuring proposal that will be presented at the negotiating table.


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