Expulsion? See what the contract says about David and Bin Laden’s fight

Expulsion?  See what the contract says about David and Bin Laden’s fight



Portal LeoDias had access to the document signed between Globo and the participants

Although long hours have passed since the fight between Davi and Bin Laden, which went beyond the limits allowed by the program, there is still a considerable portion that defends the expulsion of the two participants. The LeoDias portal had access to the BBB contract with the confined and now reveals what the document provides.

Paragraph three of the clause, which concerns prohibitions on competitors, makes it clear that aggression of any nature, however slight, is punishable by disqualification from the game. “Performing physical aggression, however slight, against any other participant in the competition or member of the team”, explains the agreement on what cannot be done by the players.

Contract with Globo with BBB participants

Columnist Gabriel Perline, from IG, also released details of the Globo contract. In Clause 11 – ANTI-CORRUPTION, which starts on page 9, the second paragraph contains clarifications about threats and aggression. Globo notes that abusive behavior, such as moral and sexual harassment or other forms of abuse, as well as threats of assault or aggression, physical or verbal, between Participants or third parties, will not be tolerated under any circumstances”, says the contract.

In Annex 1, Clause 2 – DISCLASSIFICATION HYPOTHESES, the aggression is once again mentioned in an eliminatory manner: “Without prejudice to the other hypotheses of disqualification and/or elimination expressly provided for in this Regulation, in the Contract or in the Basic Rules of the Program, the Globo may, at any time and at any stage of the Competition, disqualify, including before the start of the Program, without any formal explanation, any of the Participants who fail to comply with any rule and/or obligation established by Globo for the development of the Competition and/or carrying out the Program, as well as in the situations exemplified below, if Globo finds, at its sole discretion: (i) that the Participant’s participation and/or performance is incompatible with the Program; (iv) that the Participant failed to comply with any rules of these Regulations, the Contract and/or Basic Rules of the Program, including with regard to the conditions of exclusivity and confidentiality.”


With each passing hour, the possibility of Bin Laden and Davi being eliminated becomes more remote. Still, it is worth remembering that, if they are disqualified, they lose everything they have won so far.

Among his prizes, Davi has a scholarship and R$5,000 from an educational institution, to attend his dream medical school, and another R$5,000 and a year of purchases on a food delivery app. Bin Laden, on the other hand, does not take home the 80 thousand reais in purchases on the Electrolux website for his victory in a leader test.

*With information from the Leo Dias Portal

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