Ex-Globo confirms Marcelo Courrege’s betrayal and exposes Carol Barcellos

Ex-Globo confirms Marcelo Courrege’s betrayal and exposes Carol Barcellos


Renata Heilborn gave her side of the story after her ex, Marcelo Courrege, began dating Carol Barcellos, their maid of honor.

Journalist Renata Heilborn opened up about the relationship between her ex-husband, Marcelo Courrege, and Carol Barcellos. The two began their romance on the night of the first day of the Rio de Janeiro Special Group parades, in Sapucaí, and it caused a stir as Carol was the godmother of her current boyfriend’s wedding to Renata.

Through her Instagram Stories, this Tuesday (13/2), Renata stated that she had been cheated on by Marcelo with Carol and that the journalist had gone to live with his lover shortly after the divorce.

Marcelo Courrege and Carol Barcellos

“I was married for 10 years — in total there were 12 years of relationship. First point: my marriage was not open. Let this be very clear. Second: I found out in the worst way possible that my ex-husband was having an affair with a friend of mine — the godmother of my wedding”, she began.

In addition to pointing out that she was experiencing a crisis in her relationship with Marcelo, Renata said: “After I discovered [a traição]one Friday morning, I left the house, and he went to live at her house and live his ‘passion’”.

“It took me a while to get better, to recover from the disappointment. I immediately started to blame myself because I opened my intimacy to a person who judged my friend. A friend’s betrayal opens a much deeper hole. But it was not an option to stop living. I didn’t deserve this,” she vented.Play Video

The journalist assured that she is fine and considers it “a deliverance”: “I lost my fear, the trauma remained, and today I am just grateful. As everyone who bumps into me says: ‘it was deliverance’. Yes, it was. Those huge ones. And today I’m just grateful.”


Understand the confusion

Journalists Marcelo Courrege and Carol Barcellos began a relationship this Monday (12/2). The TV Globo reporter shared a photo enjoying the Parade of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro’s samba schools alongside his girlfriend. The announcement got people talking on social media, as the reporter was the godmother of Marcelo’s wedding to Renata Heilborn, who was also a Globo reporter between 2014 and 2023.

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, around two months after Renata left the station, rumors circulated that Courrege had had an affair with Carol behind the scenes. However, he and his wife had opened up about their relationship – which didn’t stop his network colleagues from being shocked.

The relationship between the journalists ended shortly afterwards, but there was no formal announcement.

“’Do you want to hear me sing in Yanomami… To post on your profile. In quotation marks and in bold, my cry, my scream… Not at all, Brazil’. Beautiful samba from Salgueiro. Beautiful night”,

wrote Courrege when posing with his beloved and sharing photos of the parade.

Carol also published a photo next to the reporter and even responded to the comment of an internet user who remembered that the news had already been released by this columnist who writes to you.

“And they confirmed the gossip that came out months ago (laughs)”, wrote a follower. “Information from Fábia. Good thing Bruno Cortês was already aware”, said another. Carol Barcellos then replied: “Love. And don’t gossip…”

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