BBB 24: Davi is accused of trying to kiss Isabelle; see video

BBB 24: Davi is accused of trying to kiss Isabelle;  see video

Was it a kiss?

Baiano tried to give an Eskimo kiss and squeezed the Amazonian girl’s cheeks

A video showing Davi’s attempted kiss on Isabelle generated controversy on ‘BBB 24’, in the recording the Bahian appeared in the Fada room next to the Amazonian woman, who was lying in bed. Actor Dado Dolabella, Wanessa’s boyfriend, asked for Davi’s expulsion for trying to kiss his fellow prisoner.

Davi gave an Eskimo kiss and squeezed Isabelle’s cheeks while they were in the fairy room. In a recent interview, Davi’s mother and sister stated that the Bahian likes to play and ‘disturb’ those he loves, squeezing their cheeks and giving them lots of affection. Which would justify the actions with Isabelle inside the house.

“Oh, little brother, don’t squeeze my cheek. He keeps squeezing other people’s cheeks”,

she said. In response, Davi continued to caress his friend’s face and kissed her head before walking away.

David’s mother and sister justifying David’s love language.

Many followers of the X network (formerly Twitter) came to the Bahian’s defense, others agreed that the brother had crossed the line.

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