Espatódea Trupe presents ‘Amazonas, the biggest show in Brazil’ at Teatro Manauara

Espatódea Trupe presents ‘Amazonas, the biggest show in Brazil’ at Teatro Manauara


Manaus (AM) — Espatódea Trupe presents the musical “Amazonas, the biggest show in Brazil” on the stage of Teatro Manauara (Shopping Manauara), on April 5th and 7th, with free access. The musical opens the Amazon company’s programming.

The project was covered by the Federal Culture Incentive Law and is presented by Banco da Amazônia – BASA, with the support of Marquise Ambiental and Waste Treatment and Transformation Center – CTTR. It is carried out by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Culture and Espatódea Trupe.

“The musical opens the doors to another year of carrying out projects that are very important to us. In 2024, we have the premiere of a new show with a fixed cast, through the ‘Laboratório de Encenação’ project, and writing begins for the next musical called ‘Brasilidades’”,

comments Arlisson Cruz, who is responsible for general coordination.

In theater, dance and music languages, the show “Amazonas, the biggest show in Brazil”, for one hour and 40 minutes, moves between popularly known legends and myths passed from parents to children via artistic, folkloric and literary works. Among them are stories about Boiúna, Matinta Perera, Vitória Régia and Boto. The rating is 14 years old.

“The stories are told from the father’s perspective, who has a very particular way of expressing himself, which ends up making the stories sometimes comical and unusual”,

highlights the coordinator.

“It’s a 100% regional musical. All of this told through text, choreography and original music. The text and music were written by the founder and director of Espatódea Trupe, Emille Nóbrega”.

According to Arlisson Cruz, on April 5th there will be three sessions, 9am, 3pm and 7:30pm, while on April 7th, the presentations will take place at 4pm and 7:30pm. All with audio description and translation into Libras.

“It is a show that involves more than 20 direct and indirect artists in creation, production and technique”, says the coordinator. “Accessibility is a priority in our projects, so that everyone has access.”


In addition to Arlisson Cruz and Emille Nóbrega, the general director of the show, the technical sheet of “Amazonas, the biggest show in Brazil” includes Abenilson Fernandes in the musical direction, Stefanya Lima in the choreography, Victória Müller, Matheus Camurça, Willas Rodrigues and Efraim Mourão in production, Nonato Melo, from Ateliê DiFlor, in costume design, Renan Nunes in scenography and Márcio Braz in lighting.

The cast includes: Júnior Victorino as Raimundo Bodó, Déborah Ohanna as Saturno and Generosa, Guilherme Bindá as América and Ivy Santos as Guloso and Gina. The band is made up of Allan Jones, Wesley Anderson, Antonio Henn, Mykon Garcia, Abenilson Fernandes and Emille Nóbrega.

The group of dancers is made up of Anderson Auanário, Paulo Jean, Jeferson Campos, Juliana Oliveira, Juliana Rollin and Leilane Batista.

Espatodea Troupe

Espatódea Trupe Produções Artísticas, which completes eight years of activity in the Amazonian cultural scene in April, is a School of Performing Arts, Company and Cultural Production Company in Manaus, with specialists in languages ​​such as Theater, Dance, Music and Audiovisual.

Based on Rua do Comércio, in Parque Dez, the production company offers regular courses, storytelling, basic training workshops, theater in schools and events, as well as training professionals with theater resources to develop creativity, communication and personal development.

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