Easter: See where to buy handmade colomba pascal in SP – 03/28/2024 – Restaurants

Easter: See where to buy handmade colomba pascal in SP – 03/28/2024 – Restaurants


Chocolate eggs are not the only sweet option at Easter. Easter colombas are an alternative to complement the meal on the day or to accompany a cup of coffee. Bakeries and confectioneries in the capital of São Paulo are betting this year on flavors such as pistachio, a trendy fruit, and dulce de leche. Discover options below.

The confectionery prepares dove-shaped colombas. The traditional one (R$ 125; 600 g) is made with natural fermentation dough with Italian flour and has a filling of apricot, white raisins and cranberry, covered with icing with almonds and icing sugar. There is another version with dark chocolate drops, cranberry and glaçage topping with cocoa and almonds (R$ 125; 600 g).
R. Ferreira de Araújo, 376, Pinheiros, western region, @confeitariadama. Orders via WhatsApp (11) 97095-3888 or tel. (11) 5182-5088

Delhi Garage
Baker and confectioner Fernanda Valdívia launches two colombas with very Brazilian ingredients: cashew and cocoa. The cashew one combines candied fruit in syrup and caramelized cashew nuts in artisanal dough, covered in lemon and orange zest. The chocolate one has milk and semi-sweet chocolates made with organic cocoa from Fazenda Bananal in both the filling and the topping. Each one weighs 550 g and costs R$120.
Orders via the website deligarage.com.br and @deli_garage

Dona Deôla
The bakery chain offers Easter colombas in traditional flavors, filled with candied fruits, raisins and cherry (R$ 40.30; 500 g), chocolate drops (R$ 43.60; 500 g), Nutella — with filling and topping with chocolate and hazelnut paste — (R$ 68.90; 700 g) and well-married, filled with dulce de leche and covered with icing sugar (R$ 68.90; 700 g).
Av. Prof. Fagundes Filho, 805, Saúde, southern region, tel. (11) 3564-4005, @donadeola

Santa Maria Emporium
The colomba is made with natural fermentation dough, based on the Italian recipe. Flavors include orange and almond (R$70; 550 g), lemon cream (R$120; 650 g) and pistachio cream (R$190; 650 g).
Av. Cidade Jardim, 790, Jardim Paulistano, west region, tel. (11) 3706-5211 and (11) 3706-5210, WhatsApp (11) 95818-7139

It produces natural fermentation colomba, in the classic versions, with candied orange and hazelnut cream with almonds topping, another with raisins macerated in a dose of rum, candied orange and Sicilian lemon, covered with hazelnut cream with almonds, and one with semi-sweet chocolate and candied pear, finished with hazelnut cream with almonds. Each one weighs 680 g and costs R$113.
R. Itacolomi, 612, Higienópolis, central region, @fabriquepaes

Le Blé
The bakery, owned by the same partners as the Spanish Sancho Bar y Tapas, makes four versions of colomba pascal, with natural fermentation dough. Priced from R$99 to R$109 (550 g), it comes in traditional flavors, triple chocolate (milk, dark and white), Italian candied fruit and dipped in pistachio chocolate.
R. Pará, 252, Higienópolis, central region, @leblecasadepaes. Orders via WhatsApp (11) 3663-4626

Le Jazz Boulangerie
The colomba from the Franco-Brazilian bakery, fermented naturally, has a combination of orange confit, chocolate and almonds in its filling. The creation weighs approximately 750g and costs R$98.
R. Joaquim Antunes, 501, Pinheiros., western region, tel. (11) 3085-0576, WhatsApp (11) 99814-4483, @lejazzboulangerie

Chef Olivia Maita prepares four versions of colomba, made in the traditional way, with a soft naturally fermented dough flavored with Bahia orange. Among the flavors are traditional (with candied orange filling; R$93), guava paste (R$97), chocolate with hazelnut (R$100) and pistachio with white chocolate (R$120). Each weighs 600 g.
R. Minister Jesuíno Cardoso, 104, Itaim Bibi, western region, @olipizza.sp

St. Marché
The market has its own brand of artisanal line and created four flavors, each for R$69.90 (one kilo). Among them, the cookies n’ cream one has chocolate drops and Ninho cream filling in the buttery dough, with cookie shell, and another is made with dulce de leche mousse filling and milk chocolate icing.
Av. Braz Leme, 1,200, Casa Verde, northern region. Other addresses at marche.com.br


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