Deputy presents project that improves public racial equality policies

Deputy presents project that improves public racial equality policies

Black conscience day

Parliamentarian defends that matter be considered to guarantee full access to services such as health, education and culture

Manaus (AM) – Bill 1279/2023, by federal deputy Saullo Viana (União-AM) defines objectives for public policies on racial equality and combating discrimination. The PL is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies and if approved, it will improve inclusion measures in Brazilian Legislation.

“The objective of the project is to guarantee equal opportunities and repel discrimination and other forms of intolerance to human diversity. It is essential that these policies take into account ethnic-racial diversity and promote equal opportunities for all citizens”,

said Saullo Vianna.

The PL establishes objectives for areas such as health, education, culture, gender diversity, religion, children, adolescents and youth.

For the health area, the proposal includes the health of black, indigenous, gypsy and Jewish populations and the specificities and vulnerabilities related to other ethnic-racial groups in the ongoing education processes of health professionals in management planning.

In the area of ​​education, the project aims to ensure the inclusion in the official curriculum of the education network of the mandatory subject of African and Afro-Brazilian History and Cultures and History and Culture of Indigenous Peoples, guaranteeing the same respect and treatment for other ethnicities.

For the area of ​​culture, the project seeks to formalize an annual budget in the municipal budget for the activities of the ethnic-cultural calendar of the State of Amazonas, implement an agenda aimed at manifestations of Afro-Brazilian, gypsy and indigenous culture in the municipality’s theaters and cultural tents. that serves children, adolescents, young people, adults and older adults, and promotes the survey, identification and recognition of Archaeological Sites so that they are guaranteed as historical heritage.

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