Deputy Liliane Abreu is one of the authors of the Law that institutes actions to combat feminicide in Amapá – News of Brazil

Deputy Liliane Abreu is one of the authors of the Law that institutes actions to combat feminicide in Amapá – News of Brazil

State deputy Liliane Abreu (PV/AP) Abreu is one of the seven parliamentarians who authored Law No. 2,891, which institutes actions to combat feminicide in Amapá, sanctioned this Tuesday (19), at the Palácio do Setentrião, by governor Clécio Luis . Also present at the ceremony were the president of the Legislative Assembly of Amapá (Alap), deputy Alliny Serrão, the president of the Court of Justice of Amapá (TJAP), judge Adão Carvalho, judges, representatives of the State Public Defender’s Office, the State Public Ministry and the Women’s Assistance Network (RAM).

In addition to Liliane Abreu, the sanctioned Law was authored by the women’s bench of the state House of Laws, made up of deputies Alliny Serrão (União), president of Alap; Edna Auzier (PSD), head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Women, of the Assembly; Aldilene Souza (PDT); Liliane Abreu (PV); Dayse Marques (SDD); Telma Nery (Cida); and Zeneide Costa (Pode).

The Law aims to organize interinstitutional actions to curb violence that affects women, such as economic, cultural, age, ethnic, gender, disability, philosophy and religion differences. In this way, the measure provides for the creation of the State Plan to Combat Feminicide.

“We have dedicated our legislature to effective actions to protect women. The crime of feminicide is a continuum of violence. Before being murdered, the woman had already been suffering for a long time. Most crimes occur when the woman wants to leave the relationship and the man does not accept it. Hence the importance of working in an integrated manner. We are happy with the sanction of the Law and we will continue together in the fight against and prevention, as well as assistance and guaranteeing the rights of women in situations of violence”, stressed the deputy.


Femicide consists of the homicide of women and girls in situations of domestic and family violence, or due to contempt or discrimination for being a woman, as in the case of a crime preceded by physical or sexual violence. This type of crime has motivations such as hatred, contempt or the desire to exercise control and power over women.

In the legal sphere, feminicide is treated as an aggravating circumstance of the crime of homicide and has been included in the list of heinous crimes, which makes it even more serious. It can be compared, for example, to extermination crimes motivated by characteristics unrelated to the victim’s acts.

Last year, eight women were victims of femicide in Amapá. As of September 2023, there have been six cases.

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