Deputy João Luiz will face the reality of workers on the BR-319 highway

Deputy João Luiz will face the reality of workers on the BR-319 highway


Deputy will travel more than 697 KM of the BR-319 highway

The Secretary General of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (Aleam), state deputy João Luiz (Republicans) will travel, starting this Monday (12), more than 697 kilometers of the BR-319 highway, which connects Manaus to Porto Velho (RO).

“The objective of this action is to travel the interstate highway, to get to know firsthand the reality and in situ of our Amazonians, who are at the forefront, whether they are traders, farmers, truck drivers, bus drivers and among other people who travel the BR every day. 319”,

said deputy João Luiz.

Last year, the parliamentarian forwarded, through the Board of Directors of the Legislative Assembly, request No. 5274/2023 to Governor Wilson Lima, where he indicated the formal implementation of the request to include the paving of BR-319 in the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC).

Through request No. 4721/2023, the republican also made in October last year, a Motion of Repudiation to the statements made by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva, which indicate impediments to the paving of BR-319 and the lack of sensitivity towards the people of Amazonas.

“In the Ruy Araújo plenary we held debates, where we highlighted that Minister Marina Silva needed to have a sensitive look in relation to environmental licensing and the asphalting of this important highway. We also invited her to travel the road with us and get to know the difficulties of the people of Amazonas and Rondônia up close”,

said João Luiz.


Deputy João Luiz forwarded application No. 6240/2021, to the Amazonas State Steering Committee of the Luz para Todos Program, so that the possibility of including the Realidade community, located at kilometer 100, of Rodovia BR- 319, in Humaitá.

Last year, the Republican was in the Realidade District, to deliver a backhoe loader as a result of a parliamentary amendment together with the senator from Amazonas, Plínio Valério.

Throughout his term at Aleam, the parliamentarian also allocated parliamentary amendments, indicatives, requirements, for health, education, indigenous causes, culture and among other areas of municipalities and communities that travel along the BR-319 highway.

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