Deputy focuses on maintaining the competitiveness of the Amazonas economy

Deputy focuses on maintaining the competitiveness of the Amazonas economy

National Congress

AM Parliamentarian will have as one of his battle flags in Congress the paving of BR-319

Brasilia DF) – With the resumption of the work of the National Congress, federal deputy Saullo Vianna (União- AM) announced which will be the most strategic agendas that will be the focus of his second year in office. Among the main agendas, one of the highlights is the search for investments in structural works, in addition to the articulation to bring more resources to Amazonas.

“We need to ensure that the competitiveness of our economy remains. But, to do this, we need to provide Amazonas with roads in good condition and trafficability, with the paving of BR-319. It is also inconceivable that a capital like Manaus, which has an industrial park like ours, does not have a public port”,

highlighted Vianna, when listing some of her priorities this year.

In addition to measures to stimulate economic growth, Saullo Vianna will also work to approve his bills that seek to protect vulnerable populations, such as those that guarantee rights to the elderly, people with disabilities, and underserved minorities. “We will continue to fight hard to bring about the transformation that the people of Amazonas have been waiting for. After all, my mandate belongs to the people of Amazonas, who will continue to count on my dedication and the defense of my state”,

Law inspired by Vasco’s symbol fan has sympathy from leaders – Among the various projects and actions by Saullo Vianna aimed at guaranteeing dignity to the most vulnerable populations, is Bill (PL) No. 4820/2023, which provides financial support for people with the disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Vianna presented the PL that establishes a Special Pension for those diagnosed with the pathology to the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) and party leaders, who applauded Vianna’s initiative.

The law was inspired by the little Vasco da Gama fan, Guilherme Granda Moura, aged 8. Gui has this rare genetic disease, which causes serious skin injuries and requires specialized and constant treatment, which often prevents the sufferer or their guardian from creating a source of income for themselves and their family.

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