Court extends Elson Belo’s removal from office as mayor of Serra do Navio – News of Brazil

Court extends Elson Belo’s removal from office as mayor of Serra do Navio – News of Brazil

Paulo Silva
Politics Editor

Judge Fabiana da Silva Oliveira, from the District of Pedra Branca do Amapari, maintained the order to remove Elson Belo Lobato from the position of mayor of the municipality of Serra do Navio, for a provisional period of 90 days, based on the Administrative Improbity Law . The first dismissal occurred on November 8 last year.

The decision responded to a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Amapá, which presented a reply to the objection with a request for an extension of Elson Belo’s removal, alleging that he carried out acts in his capacity as municipal manager, even though he was aware that he was removed from his position by judicial decision, exercising , therefore, the due judicial contradiction.

Elson Belo Lobato even asked for the request for extension of leave to be rejected, claiming that the election would be jeopardized, because he is definitively removed from office, as well as the lack of interference in this process. His mandate has already been revoked by the City Council.

“What appears at this moment is that the continuation of the aggravating party (Elson) in the municipal management of Serra do Navio could worsen the squandering of public affairs. It can be seen from the appealed decision that the fact attributed to the appellant is not isolated, with other situations of possible practices of misappropriation of public money and damage to the public treasury, citing the existence of at least 10 actions of administrative improbity in progress. Furthermore, the appellant’s stance has not been collaborative with the Court, and there is news in the original records of the lack of success in complying with the contested decision, in view of his insistence on remaining in the position from which he was removed, carrying out management acts, and deliberately evade so as not to be summoned to any judicial act”recorded judge Fabiana Oliveira.

The Serra do Navio City Council informed the judge that Elson Belo, even though he was aware that he was removed from the position of mayor, performed a typical act of a chief executive.

For the judge, Elson Belo Lobato shows contempt for public institutions, for the citizens of Serra do Navio, as well as for the judicial orders issued by the Court of Justice, so that there is, for now, no possibility of resuming the public position for which he was elected, as the entire framework attached to the case, and the countless other facts, demonstrate that the defendant (Elson) is persistent in carrying out acts capable of harming the progress of events, as well as interfering in municipal management, carrying out acts of dilapidation of property public.

The former Secretary of Finance of Serra do Navio City Hall, Gabriela Souza Machado Bispo, who is a defendant in the actions against Elson Belo, presented a proposal for an agreement, but the judge referred the case for a statement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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