CNJ postpones vote on female quota in justice; 3 votes in favor

CNJ postpones vote on female quota in justice;  3 votes in favor

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CNJ plenary chaired by minister Rosa Weber| Photo: Luiz Silveira/ CNJ Agency

The National Council of Justice (CNJ) began voting this Tuesday (19) on the resolution that aims to increase the number of women in federal, state, military and labor courts. However, the vote was postponed due to a request for review presented by councilor Richard Pae Kim.

So far, the scoreboard has three votes in favor of alternating between men and women in the promotion of judges in the country. The votes presented were from counselor Salise Sanchotene, rapporteur of the standard, and counselors Mario Goulart Maia and minister Vieira de Mello Filho.

The resolution was submitted to the councilors for a vote as determined by the president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the CNJ, minister Rosa Weber, due to the proximity of her retirement, on October 2nd.

The text provides for the creation of a gender quota in promotions from the position of judge to judge, based on the criteria of seniority and merit. Each court must, according to the proposal, open alternate notices for the formation of mixed and exclusive lists of women, until achieving gender parity in the Court.

If the resolution is approved, the changes will come into effect in January 2024, and the first open vacancy must be filled by a magistrate of a different gender than the last one promoted. The rule will be maintained until each court reaches a gender ratio of between 40% and 60%.

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