Clécio releases R$500,000 for the 2024 Maramaior Cycle – News of Brazil

Clécio releases R$500,000 for the 2024 Maramaior Cycle – News of Brazil


Douglas Lima

The governor Clécio Luís, accompanied by the senator Randolfe Rodrigues, released on the morning of this Hallelujah Saturday, the 30th, the funding of R$ 500 thousand for the celebration of the Maraçá 2024 Cycle. That’s R$ 300 thousand from the senator’s mandate Randolfe and another R$200,000 in compensation from the state government. From today onwards, the celebration continues with an extensive program, until June 2nd, with activities in the urban and rural areas of Macapá.

At the time of the release, with the funding already in the accounts of Maraçá party-goers, the governor highlighted the practice of delivering the resource before the start of the Maraçado Cycle. “This is so that nothing is missing during the festivities”said Clécio Luís, lamenting the premature death of singer Alan da Cruz Loureiro, this Saturday, he who was president of the Mara Baixo da Juventude Group.

“Today was supposed to be just a party, but God wanted to take Alan, and so we are also in pain at the loss of this young man”, said Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, the author of the parliamentary amendment that guaranteed the contribution of five hundred thousand reais for the Maramaior Cycle.

Marabaixeira Elísia Congó noted that the moment of the delivery was very important, because it showed that governor Clécio and senator Randolfe recognize Marabaixo as the mother culture of Amapá, which provides the biggest event in the state’s sector, lasting three months.

Josilana Santos, director-president of the Mara Baixo Foundation, celebrated the initiative of senator Randolfe Rodrigues and governor Clécio Luís, saying that the drums will beat in the huts of Macapá and also in the huts in the rural area of ​​Amapá. And she concluded: “This resource guarantees equity and racial development in the state”

This weekend, the Marabai celebrations take place in the neighborhoods of Laguinho, Santa Rita and in rural communities, such as Campina Grande and Casa Grande. The Afro-Amazon manifestation is also religious, in praise of the Holy Trinity and the Divine Holy Spirit.

The Ciclo do Mara Baixo program involves maraçá circles, gingerbread, litanies, traditional broths and festive sunrises.

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