Ciro Gomes slaps man in the face after being provoked and called a ‘thug’

Ciro Gomes slaps man in the face after being provoked and called a ‘thug’


Attack took place at a samba show in Fortaleza

Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate in the 2022 elections, was filmed attacking a young man, this Sunday (3), with a slap in the face after being provoked. The attack took place at a samba show at Aterro da Praia de Iracema, in Fortaleza.

The former PDT presidential candidate was accompanying the city’s mayor, José Sarto.

The video, recorded by the victim, shows that the young man approaches Ciro and asks him: “Tell us how you rob the population without being arrested”.

Ciro replied: “Anyone who should know this is a criminal, I’m not”. The young man then responds that Ciro “yes he is a criminal” and receives a slap in the face.

Then, the young man accuses Ciro of being racist: “Did you get in my face, you racist? [sic]”to which the former presidential candidate responds yes, “so you can learn to respect me”he said.

The incident was recorded and shared on social media by the person affected, who reacted by stating that Ciro Gomes had slapped him, and mentioned his intention to call the police to clarify the situation.


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