ChatGPT: OpenAI backs off and says it won’t leave Europe – 05/26/2023 – Market

ChatGPT: OpenAI backs off and says it won’t leave Europe – 05/26/2023 – Market

OpenAI has no plans to leave Europe, the chief executive of the ChatGPT company, Sam Altman, said this Friday (26), reversing a threat made earlier this week to leave the region if it becomes too difficult to comply with laws on block artificial intelligence.

The European Union is working on what could be the first set of rules to regulate artificial intelligence technology, and Altman said on Wednesday that the bloc’s current draft AI law is “over-regulating”.

“We are thrilled to continue operating here and of course have no plans to leave,” Altman said on Twitter.

The executive’s threat to pull OpenAI out of Europe has drawn criticism from EU Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton and a host of other lawmakers.

Altman has spent the past week crisscrossing the continent, meeting top politicians from France, Spain, Poland, Germany and the UK to discuss the industry’s future and ChatGPT’s progress.

OpenAI has faced criticism for not disclosing training data from its latest GPT-4 artificial intelligence model. The company cited a “competitive landscape and security implications” as a reason for not disclosing the details.

Reacting to Altman’s tweet on Friday, Dutch MP Kim van Sparrentak, who worked closely on the draft rules, told Reuters that she and her colleagues must face pressure from technology companies.

“I hope we will continue to make sure these companies follow clear obligations on transparency, safety and environmental standards,” she said.

German MP Sergey Lagodinsky, who also worked on the draft AI law, told Reuters: “I’m happy to know that we don’t need to speak the language of threats and ultimatums.”

“We all have common challenges, but the European Parliament is an ally of artificial intelligence, not an enemy.”

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