Chamber approves project that prohibits and criminalizes the use of wax in kites

Chamber approves project that prohibits and criminalizes the use of wax in kites

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday (6) a bill (PL 1.1402/11) that prohibits the manufacture, sale and use of cutting lines in kites and similar toys, stipulating a prison sentence and fines. The proposal, approved by the replacement for deputy Coronel Telhada (PP-SP), goes to the Senate for analysis.

In the proposal, rules were incorporated for the use of sports lines in competitions in which only adults or teenagers aged 16 or over can participate.

The cutting line, known as cerol or even Chilean line in some locations, can even be manufactured by hand with ground glass and glue, a substance applied to the kite line to facilitate cutting opponents’ kite lines. However, it presents a high risk of injury and even death, especially for motorcyclists.

According to the rapporteur, several people are mutilated by this reckless conduct intended for fun. “The situation is so serious that it has led to the creation of another industrial demand: the manufacture of rods fixed to motorcycles to prevent such lines from ending up cutting the throats of motorcyclists, as has already happened,” he said.

In a video sent to People’s Gazette, Telhada highlighted that the proposal “will save lives”. “We will protect citizens and pedestrians who are targets of these sharp lines. A victory of a lifetime,” she said.

In the Penal Code, manufacturing, selling, selling or using, for example, will be punished with imprisonment for one to three years and a fine. For establishments that fail to comply with the law, the revocation of the operating license will be considered the effect of the conviction.

In the case of users, the penalty will be the same if the act does not constitute a more serious crime. Even if the use is for recreational purposes, in public or common areas, the penalty applies, including up to a distance of one thousand meters from the vicinity of streets, roads or highways and even if the person is in a private or private area.

Changes in legislation

The use of sharp lines of any kind on kites and balloons or any similar product also qualifies for situations of crime involving damage to other people’s property, which can result in a prison sentence of six months to three years and a fine.

If the cutting line is used by a minor, who is not responsible, the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) will now stipulate a fine of 6 to 40 reference salaries for the person responsible, applying double if there is a repeat offense.

After the project becomes law, the public authorities must broadcast annually, in the media and in the public and private primary and secondary education system, a campaign to educate and raise awareness about the risks and consequences associated with the use of sharp lines and materials. of any nature in kites, balloons or similar products.

Coronel Telhada’s text establishes an exception for the manufacture and sale of cutting lines when the purpose is for industrial, technical or scientific use without exposing third parties to risk.

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