brothers warn Isabelle that she is being targeted for her friendship with Davi

brothers warn Isabelle that she is being targeted for her friendship with Davi


The Amazonian was warned that she became the target of the house for being alongside Davi in ​​the game

Isabelle had a conversation with Fernanda, Giovanna and Marcus Vinicius and the brothers revealed that the sister-in-law was one of the most voted by the house on this wall because she was a friend of Davi.

“From what everyone is saying, they are voting for you because of Davi”, said Fernanda, the leader of the week, while popcorn Giovanna, with her broken foot, said: “You just took [votos] because you’re with him [Davi]”.

Before the formation of the seventh wall, Fernanda had already warned Isabelle about the pressure that the house was putting on the cunhã so that she would turn against Davi and that she should be smart since she proved to be a friend of the Bahian regardless of the game and positioning. of the brother within reality.

Marcus Vinicius from Pará warned Isabella about her partnership with the Bahian being seen in a bad light by the rest of the house and that this is harming her game as the Amazonian doesn’t agree with everything Davi does.

Moment when Giovanna and Isabelle are talking about the votes that the Amazonian woman took on this wall.

Davi, Isabelle and Michel discussed their relationship after the formation of the wall this Sunday (04), as their vote directly affected Isabelle in this wall.

Initially, no one agreed to vote for Wanessa, dispersing a combination of votes between the group, making Michel vote for Isabelle and Davi wasting a vote on Michel when everyone could have voted for Wanessa so that the leader would break the tie with the Amazonian, which did not happen.

This mismatch in votes put the Amazonian woman on the wall for the second week in a row.

The seventh wall is between Alane, Beatriz, Isabelle and Juninho, the vote is to eliminate. Who do you want out of the game? Click here and vote.

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