Bolsonaro’s former secretary, general relativizes AI-5 – 03/28/2024 – Panel

Bolsonaro’s former secretary, general relativizes AI-5 – 03/28/2024 – Panel


Retired general Marco Aurélio Vieira, former special secretary for Sports in the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), stated in a text published on a portal that the military dictatorship in Brazil had “extraordinary successes”, citing the so-called “economic miracle”.

In an article on the Última Hora Online portal on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the coup, the general also says that in the country’s history “no ruler, period or mandate, has presented results or achievements even close to 30% of those obtained under the military regime”.

He also relativizes AI-5 (Institutional Act number 5), which deepened the regime’s repression. He says that the “initiative of the violent actions came from the left”.

“Any accusations against the government of ‘intimidation by fear’, or ‘campaign of persecution’ are invalid, given that the State did nothing more than defend itself from the armed violence of the regime’s declared enemies, determined to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat in the country” , it says.

In the article, the general recognizes that there were “authoritarian excesses” against those who took up arms against the regime, but says that they were “in a period necessary and sufficient for national defense”,

“The mistakes of the military governments were no greater than those of all the democratic governments that followed in the last 40 years”, he continues.

Vieira was executive director of Operations at Rio-2016 and held the Sports secretariat until April 2019. He was also director of the General Villas-Bôas Institute, created by former Army commander Eduardo Villas-Bôas, an ally of Bolsonaro.


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