Former first lady went on to preside over the PL Mulher to encourage the affiliation of women to run for elected office.| Photo: Isaac Fontana/EFE

Former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said, on the night of this Wednesday (24), that he discovered that the former First Lady, Michelle, has a “political vein” and that “well accompanied, it can make a difference in the future for all of us”.

The statement was made during a PL event, in Brasília, within the project to expand the party’s female caucus. Bolsonaro even said that he hopes to elect “excellent female mayors next year”.

Michelle went further and said that the party’s initiative will “be able to include our women to make a difference and leave a legacy for our Brazil”. The former first lady occupies the position of president of PL Mulher.

For her, the party now needs to “identify women achievers, who make a difference, that is for affiliation”. “But also to strengthen them, so that we give them the right path so that they can run for office and be a voice in Congress”, she said, already looking ahead to the 2026 parliamentary election.

The former first lady has already been quoted to run for the 2026 presidential succession, but both Bolsonaro and the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, have already declared that Michelle does not intend to run for elected office.