Bilynskyj is called a “feminicide” after talking about the death of an 8/1 prisoner

Bilynskyj is called a “feminicide” after talking about the death of an 8/1 prisoner

Deputy Delegate Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP)| Photo: Renato Araújo/Chamber of Deputies

This Monday (20), federal deputy Delegado Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP) denounced parliamentary secretary Suelen Aires Gonçalves, working in the office of federal deputy Reginete Bispo (PT-RS), for the crime of slander.

In a video published by the deputy on his social networks, Suelen calls Bilynskyj a “feminicide” shortly after the end of a meeting of the Chamber’s Commission on Human Rights, Minorities and Racial Equality.

At the meeting, Bilynskyj invited the Commission, which is chaired by deputy Luizianne Lins (PT-CE), to visit the Legal Medical Institute (IML) to investigate the body of businessman Cleriston Pereira, victim of a sudden illness while sunbathing in Papuda, where he was arrested for alleged participation in the events of January 8th.

Cleriston died after being repeatedly denied access to medical treatment. The businessman had a medical report indicating the risk of death and his lawyer’s appeals were ignored by the STF minister, Alexandre de Moraes.

Due to comorbidities, Cleriston received a favorable opinion from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) for Papuda’s departure.

The request for provisional release was forwarded to Moraes at the end of August and was awaiting analysis by the minister. Cleriston was 46 years old, lived in Brasília and leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

“A prisoner from January 8 died in Papuda and the Human Rights Commission doesn’t want to do anything. When I made this invitation (to visit the IML), Suelen accused me of feminicide. She used a sad fact in my life in which I was the victim of attempted murder to try to humiliate me and try to slander me”, said deputy Bilynskyj on social media.

The incident report was registered with the Legislative Police Department (DPOL).

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