Avocado toast, the avocado vitamin killer – 09/15/2023 – Cozinha Bruta

Avocado toast, the avocado vitamin killer – 09/15/2023 – Cozinha Bruta

It never fails: you travel, cyber spies travel with you. Instead of the crude announcement of the miracle against baldness in Osasco, something appears about a sexual wake-up call in London.

It might not be so bad. The ex-Twitter algorithm presented me with an interesting article from the Telegraph, a right-wing British newspaper, which I don’t follow.

The text is about how avocados became a trench in the so-called cultural wars. Even if you don’t fully know it, you’ve been fighting in one of them for at least ten years.

These are generational frictions: the exchange of insults between young people, former young people who do not recognize themselves as such and almost old people soaked in nostalgia.

It’s the conflict between the homophobic joke and the alcohol-free party in praise of the sacred cocoa. The dispute between those who call quotas a mimimi against those who engage in the causes of minorities.

The fight takes place on numerous fronts. Food is one of them.

On the one hand, vegetarians, vegans, healthy diet enthusiasts and advocates of sustainable and socially fair food production. On the other, the people for whom sodium, fat and sugar build a man’s character.

The avocado fits as a symbol of a lifestyle that prioritizes plant-based, natural, nutritious and delicious foods.

The so-called avocado toast – avocado toast on naturally fermented bread with poached egg and other gourmet treats – has become an identity flag. But there are some problems.

The cultivation of avocados to supply all these modern people ended up in the hands of Mexican cartels, in addition to draining water reserves and causing deforestation.

The sausage and ramen group pointed out, not without foundation, the hypocrisy of the opposing phalanx.

The answer, here in the UK, came in a somewhat comical way. The London chain of Mexican restaurants El Pastor announced that no avocados served there pass through the hands of drug traffickers.

Even if this is true, it has a negligible effect on the damage caused by the global avocado fever. Europeans and Americans pretend not to see that the avocado – like any tropical product – travels long and unsustainable miles to find its different tastes.

And what about Brazil with this?

Avocados can be found on the street, even in big cities like São Paulo. There is no cartel, there is no devastating monoculture. And it has its own avocado culture.

While the rest of the world eats salty avocado, we eat sugar. Guacamole was a different thing until the turn of the century.

But then came, with regulatory delay, the toast fad. They took a small, exotic variety of avocado, which foreigners know as “hass”. They renamed it “avocado”, avocado in English.

“Eating establishments” specializing in avocado toast and other strange things that spring up in West Hollywood and surrounding areas are popping up in São Paulo.

It would only be pathetic if it didn’t threaten a cultural peculiarity of ours and, not least, the avocado smoothie with milk and sugar. That big avocado, with shiny skin.

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