Aviation fuel sales are 6% lower – 03/22/2024 – Panel SA

Aviation fuel sales are 6% lower – 03/22/2024 – Panel SA


The aviation fuel market closed last year’s operation 6% lower than in 2019. In total, distributors sold 6.6 million cubic meters of kerosene (QAV) and aviation gasoline (GAV).

Compared to 2022, there was an increase of 8%, according to data from the ANP (National Petroleum Agency).

Among the large distributors, Raízen (Shell) suffered the most during the period. It lost 35% of its traded volume and saw its market share decline from 33% to 23%.

Vibra Energia (formerly BR), on the other hand, concentrated more than 57% of the market last year and remained in the lead, increasing the sale of aviation fuels by 7% compared to the pre-pandemic period.

AirBP, which operates exclusively at airports in the Southeast, Center-West and Northeast, almost overtook Raízen in second place among distributors, ending the year with an 18.3% share.

In crisis, airlines complain that aviation kerosene is one of the main components of ticket prices, making it difficult for the sector to recover.

Last year, the number of flights reached 789.2 thousand, slightly below the 802 thousand registered in 2019. The total number of passengers also fell, going from 95 million to 91.4 million, according to data from Anac (National Agency of Civil Aviation).

With Diego Felix

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