Aned denounces ideological abuses against homeschooling in PNE 2024-2034

Aned denounces ideological abuses against homeschooling in PNE 2024-2034


When participating in a debate on the results of the National Education Conference (Conae), in the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, last Monday (18), the National Home Education Association (Aned) warned about the risks and ideological abuses against O homeschooling in the final document of the National Education Plan (PNE).

According to the president of Aned, Carlos Vinícius Brito Reis, the final text was prepared with an ideological bias and without any scientific evidence.

“Those who lead CONAE are the same people who defend abortion, gender ideology and freedom from drug use. The debate is not based on educational evidence, but with an ideological bias”, said Reis at the hearing.

Reis also mentioned that “the PNE text is rubbish and should be thrown away like rubbish”. “They want to impose compulsory education with guidelines determined by the State and with the prohibition of parents choosing their children’s education,” he declared.

The president of Aned denounced the “disrespect and affront to the declaration of human rights” in the PNE, and also lamented the persecution of parents who choose home education. “They want to create a narrative that homeschooling should be prohibited and should be criminalized, this does not hurt homeschooling but any parent who wants to choose the teaching model”, he explained.

“Any normative or public policy proposal that restricts or prohibits the freedom of parents to choose which type of education to be given to their children must be denounced as an affront and non-compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international treaties of which Brazil is a member. signatory”, added Reis.

The debate on CONAE was proposed by district deputy Thiago Manzoni. For him, the document proposed for PNE 2024-20234 promotes “hate speech against conservatism, homeschooling and agribusiness.”

“Education is one of the fundamental pillars for the growth of society. Discussing and proposing improvements in the Brazilian educational system is urgent. However, it is necessary to open doors for a dialogue that encompasses all aspects of thought and that gives all parents, professionals and actors involved the opportunity to express their ideas”, explained the parliamentarian.

Conae’s final document maintained the leftist agenda, implemented since the first version. The text retained opposition to “ultra-conservative policies” such as home education, civic-military schools, the Escola Sem Partido movement and agribusiness. On the other hand, it promotes the advancement of gender and sexual diversity in schools.


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