Amazonas studies the potential of EST/UEA technologies in combating climate change

Amazonas studies the potential of EST/UEA technologies in combating climate change


The objective is to study the potential of new tools in relation to environmental protection policies

Given the direct relationship between climate change and this year’s historic drought, the Government of Amazonas is advancing in the use of new technologies in coping strategies and decision-making. In this sense, preventive work aimed at river floods and droughts in 2024 also includes projects led by researchers from the School of Technology of the State University of Amazonas (EST/UEA).

On Tuesday (14), the vice-governor of Amazonas, Tadeu de Souza, was at the unit, located in the Parque Dez neighborhood, central-south area of ​​Manaus, to learn about the infrastructure and technological innovations being developed. The objective is to study the potential of new tools in relation to the state’s environmental protection and economic growth policies.

“It was an extremely productive day. Representing Governor Wilson Lima, we held meetings with professors, researchers and students about the different projects developed by them and which will certainly impact the future of Amazonians. Proud to see that our UEA, through EST, carries out cutting-edge science and technology”,

declared Tadeu de Souza.

The vice-governor visited the laboratories that work in partnership with companies from the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM), qualifying labor for the technological sector, and discussed expanding the use of the projects. Among them, the Selva application, which monitors fires and air quality, and the Curupira pilot project, capable of identifying sounds of deforestation, such as chainsaws and tractors.

“’Curupira’ is an environmental crime monitoring tool that can be used by the national repression system and by the bodies that implement environmental policy in Amazonas. It came at a good time, especially at a time when we are suffering from extreme weather events”,

assessed the vice-governor.

On the occasion, the rector of UEA, André Zogahib, reiterated the institution’s commitment to finding solutions to improve public policies. “Governor Wilson Lima and vice-governor Tadeu de Souza have been great partners because they look at the university in a way that no one has for a long time. Whatever we can do to help, we are available,” he said.

technologic Park

During the visit, the director of EST/UEA, Jucimar Maia Júnior, presented the vice-governor Tadeu de Souza with the project to implement the unit’s Technology Park, aiming to boost local innovation and strengthen the PIM. The focus is on the electronic games and semiconductor (chip raw material) markets, taking advantage of the recent global movement towards decentralization of production of the latter.

“The current management of EST aims, as a center of excellence, to play an active role in the technological and economic development of our region. This generates benefits not only for the academic community, but for the state of Amazonas as a whole, which is increasingly prepared to deal with the challenges”,

said the director.

Also accompanying the vice-governor on the visit were the head of the State Secretariat for the Environment (Sema), Eduardo Taveira, and the executive secretary of the Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti), Jeibi Medeiros, in addition to of EST/UEA directors and coordinators.

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