After eight years, Fest Jeep returns to shake up the Fazendinha Exhibition Park – News of Brazil

After eight years, Fest Jeep returns to shake up the Fazendinha Exhibition Park – News of Brazil

After eight years, Fest Jeep no Meio do Mundo returned to the Fazendinha Exhibition Park, in Macapá, on Friday the 10th, with competitions in five different disciplines, involving speed on off-road tracks – unpaved – with local competitors and from out of state. The event took place until Sunday (12) and brought together competitors from several states, encouraging sport, leisure, tourism and entrepreneurship, with support from the State Government.

The tournament has not taken place since 2015 and, following the revitalization of the Exhibition Park, carried out by the Government of Amapá, the competitions return to the place where it all began. On the first day, 25 cyclists, 20 men and 5 women, on mountain bikes faced each other in Pedal Cross races, with cash prizes for the first three places. Athletes aged 28 to 58 competed.

“The support from the Government is decisive for us to have the quality of the event we have, welcoming people from other states, the local community and small entrepreneurs. And the Exhibition Park received the structure to be productive and we are very happy”highlighted the president of the Jeep Clube de Macapá, Perpétua Mourão.

The Amapá cyclist Kaik Gonçalves, 28 years old, he won the 18 to 35 male category. He has been cycling for 17 years and achieved the highest place on the podium when participating in the Jeep Fest for the first time.

“The event boosts cycling competitions a little and we will certainly be present in the next ones. We trained hard and were awarded the victory”celebrated Gonçalves.

In the female category, the 40-year-old athlete from Amapá won. She has been cycling for 8 years and debuted at Fest Jeep. “It’s the first time I’ve come to compete at Fest Jeep, it was a bit of a tough race because of the wind, but it was very good and thank God I managed to win and I’m very happy”celebrated the athlete.

The program continued on Saturday (11) and Sunday (12) with more competitions that promise to raise a lot of dust and shake up the competitors at the Fazendinha Exhibition Park. The businessman from Pará and rally driver, Jânio Matsunaga, participated in the tournament with a team of 12 people and 9 cars.

“I was surprised by the structure and organization of the event. The track is very good and allows us to do a test worthy of another Jeep Fest”concluded Matsunaga.

Amapá tourism cycle athlete Margarete Sousa believes that the event encourages popular participation and attracts new athletes to the sport. “The Exhibition Park needs to be busy through these sports, the place is ideal for the development of these activities that help promote interaction between the practice of sports and quality of life, and this outdoor environment helps with this sociability”, concluded the athlete.

Upcoming Competitions

On Saturday (11) there were the Indoor 4×4 and 4×2 tournaments, which faced each other within a closed circuit in the Jeep, Cage, UTV’s and Pick-up categories. On Sunday (12), in the morning, there was a Ciclopasseio, a cycling route that started at the Zerão Olympic Stadium and ended at the Exhibition Park track.

There were the 4×4 and 4×2 finals, in which the three best placed in the tournament were awarded trophies. At the end of Fest Jeep, the Exhibition Park area hosted the Regularity Rally, in which drivers need to reach different points on a route, as close as possible to a certain speed and previously defined times.

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