Action disputes amount paid to Pedro Sampaio in MA – 02/04/2024 – Panel

Action disputes amount paid to Pedro Sampaio in MA – 02/04/2024 – Panel

A representation to the TCE (State Audit Court) of Maranhão disputes the amount paid by the City of São Luís for shows by artists such as Pedro Sampaio and Joelma e Banda for the City Carnival and states that there was no detailed study justifying the price of attractions.

The complaint was filed by music teacher Wesley Sousa Corrêa last Monday (29). He states that the contracts made for the Carnival in the capital of Maranhão pose “imminent risks to public coffers” as it is an event that is already taking place.

The document says that Sampaio was hired for R$390,000 and mentions that, “as shown on several websites”, the DJ and music producer would commonly charge a fee of R$100,000. “The amount paid by the management of São Luís is greater than triple the amount charged by the artist in other cities.”

The representation also lists the hiring of Joelma and Banda for R$450,000 and states that “in this case there was also no research on the price agreed by the artist for her performances.”

“Seven months ago, she played for R$250,000, in a longer show,” says Corrêa. “Eight days before Joelma’s show here in São Luís, she did a show in a city in Ceará that cost R$200,000.”

The author requests that the São Luís City Council and the municipal departments involved be heard and that, if illegality is identified in the hiring of attractions, the treasury will be reimbursed for the losses and the hiring will be suspended.

In a note, the Municipal Department of Culture (Secult) informed that “all hiring processes were carried out in compliance with legal criteria” and that “a response will be presented to the representation made to the TCE – MA, within the established deadline.”

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