‘Where’s the money’, asks the wife of Willian Bigode the owner of Xland; listen to audio

‘Where’s the money’, asks the wife of Willian Bigode the owner of Xland;  listen to audio

By audio message, Loisy says that Gabriel Nascimento is applying a coup. A report by Fantástico revealed that player Gustavo Scarpa had a millionaire loss after making an application indicated by Willian Bigode. Where is the money?, says wife of Willian Bigode to owner of Xland In messages sent to Gabriel Nascimento, one of the owners of Xland, Loisy Marla Coelho Pires de Siqueira, wife of player Willian Bigode, demanded explanations about the money invested in cryptocurrencies. “I’m a woman, you’re a man, but I’m not a muggle. I think you’re thinking there’s some circus or clown here. Man, let’s be real. We’re f***ing it all together. As far as you go going to support this lie?” she says. “We are at risk of losing money. […] Where is the money? How long are you going to stall us?” The audio was obtained by GloboNews this Wednesday (15). Listen above. Camila Biasi Fava, Willian Bigode and Loisy Coelho, members of WLJC Disclosure As revealed by Fantástico on Sunday (12), Bigode’s company, WLJC Consultoria e Gestão Empresarial, was cited by player Gustavo Scarpa in an accusation of larceny. With promises of profits of up to 5% per month, Scarpa, a former Palmeiras player, now in English football, of BRL 6 million in cryptocurrencies in 2020. The application, according to him, had been recommended by Bigode, who also played for the São Paulo team and is now an athlete for Fluminense. WLJC has a partnership with Xland, a company that has a branch in Rio Branco , in Acre. Xland stated that it is legally authorized to carry out purchase, sale, exchange and receipt operations in the digital crypto market. To Fantástico, Gabriel Nascimento stated that he is a victim of FTX, the second largest cryptocurrency brokerage in the world and that went bankrupt and n November of last year. “We operated all customer resources within FTX. We had a total of 600 or so customers. […] We are legally organizing ourselves to file our appeal in the queue, which now has a judicial recovery queue”, said Gabriel. Bigode, after the repercussions of the case, published a video on his social networks stating that he was also a victim of the “I am not the owner or partner of Xland, much less a scammer. Because I didn’t take anyone’s money. I’m a victim, because until today I didn’t get my appeal “, he said. Text and audio messages reveal details of the blow suffered by Gustavo Scarpa

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